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3 Ways Keyloggers Allow for More Secure Computer Usages

Computers are integral component in our lifestyle and it is important to keep them secure. We should do necessary things to protect computing resources. Keystroke loggers can be considered as one of the most effective way to keep ourselves safe. Ironically, these keyloggers are often considered as a data theft tool. They work by capturing things that people type into their computer. In reality, they can help to make our computer network more secure:

3 Ways Keyloggers Allow for More Secure Computer Usages

  1. Use them to monitor employees: This may be a rather controversial thing to do, but employees assigned on critical tasks must be closely monitored. This will help companies to protect their assets. With keyloggers installed at critical computers, we should be able to monitor activities. We will not only know things that are typed, but also what documents are opened, what programs are started and what files are copied. This will help us to prevent data theft on critical computers. Having keystroke logger will make it impossible for people to use computers without being caught.
  2. Monitor children: Keystroke loggers are essential to keep teenagers and children safe online. Parents will be able to check what children are visiting online. Keystroke loggers will capture everything searched in Google, what they do on YouTube and what they share on Facebook. Appropriate actions can be taken, if children access bad content during their online activities. Children may also unknowingly websites that are usually infested with virus, such as illegal download websites. Files that they obtain online could be infected with virus. Sometimes, children divulge sensitive information to friends and even complete strangers. It is also important to instruct children on appropriate online behaviours and things that they can share online.
  3. Deter online threats: Computers are clearly a security liability, especially if they contain critical information. Thieves will get a hold of any essential information, personal data can be stolen and money can be lost. Many of these threats are not easily detected and with proper keyloggers, we should be able to catch these people.
  4. Keystroke loggers allow us to assess overall online activities. We will be able to capture any conversation and website visits that all family members have online. Identity thieves often trick us and we may easily reveal sensitive information through instant messengers and emails. They could also try to be helpful in forums by encouraging us to download a seemingly interesting file. Often, the file contains some form of malware. There are also people who try to target and harm children. This is one of the darkest sides of the online world. Keyloggers should allow us to detect any attempt by predator to harm young children. It is important for parents to have honest conversations with their children. In this case, any insidious threats can be prevented effectively.

In the end, keyloggers are able to keep us safer when accessing the online realm. Children won’t do anything appropriate and employees can be kept productive. Tasks will be accomplished properly whether at work or at home. Computers should allow for higher productivity, not a source of threat.

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