5 Apps For Improving Your Productivity

Smart phones are a necessity these days and are our best companion. We keep them with us everywhere we go. We can access anything we can think of with help of smart phones. Smart phones don’t provide us just information and connecting/calling facilities but also make us more productive in our daily life. There are lots of apps that help us to be more productive and the best thing is that now we can also use them on PC as we can use whatsapp for PC, simply downloading an emulator.

5 Apps for Improving Your Productivity

Here is a list of 5 app which I think help us to increase productivity.

  1. Microsoft Office

As we know Microsoft is always dominant Operating System in desktop category according to productivity. The good thing is that their mobile version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are exactly same as our expectations. It is available on iOS and Android stores. The file compatibility of the app is outstanding making it easy for you to sync your work with the desktop version. Viewing and editing documents is so easy and cloud support also makes it awesome for sharing. The free version has limited features but the paid version offers more features.

  1. Outlook

Outlook is a Microsoft product and its app is a full package so you can easily access emails, attachments and contacts. The app highlights important emails according to your communication history. It can work with almost many email accounts like Office 365, Outlook.com and Exchange.

  1. Workflow

Workflow is an iOS app that allows you to combine phone tasks and apps that take over your time. You an upload photos to your cloud storage, organize your calendar appointments and can save images from any site. Open the workflows in the app after creating them. You can carry more than 200 actions by using different no of apps.

  1. Trello

This app is easy to customize. You and your team can create to-do lists and much more with Trello. You have to create lists filled with cards in boards. Cards should progress from one list to the next. Users are assigned to cards. Boards and users can be joined to form organizations. You can easily share these lists with other users and they can assign tasks and also insert their own comments. Trello is available for all smart phone operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows 8. Trello can be used in variety of fields like software project management, real estate management and law case management.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storages services. It provides you online sharing and storage solutions. You can access your files online from anywhere in the world if they are stored on Dropbox. It allows users to create a special folder on their computers and then it is synchronized by Dropbox to be easily available online. Free and paid both subscription options are available differing in the storage spaces. It is available for all OS like Android, Windows and iOS.

So these are the five productivity enhancing apps according to me. You may discover other apps depending on your criteria.

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