5 Best Technologies To Have In Bikes

Your bike is not just an automobile that carries you one place to another, it is as close to you as a friend. You own it like a possession and something just more than that. And the technology in bikes has also increased a great deal over the years, thus making one aspect or other more comfortable for you with your journey on your beloved bike. The one thing that makes the installation even more easier is that there are no permanent attachments or drills to do. These tech-savy gadgets are one thing you need to consider, the next time you are planning on having something done to your bike.

1. GPS Security System

The real problem is with the security of your motorbikes. Living in a city make it even more difficult as the threats of open damage and stealing becomes more often. Living in places, you must always be anxious about the location and security of your bike, and so the Kryptonite Real Time GPS Security and Location System is here to your rescue. Just a little attachment as it is to your bike, it helps greatly with accessing of its current location as it has a GPS operated software in it. A little configuration will help you even with the texts and email alerts. Worth the money and easy on the mind.

2. The Camera Gadget

The GoPro Hero4 Camera is one bike gadget that you need to have right away installed on your device. There are two reasons for it. The first one is that in case of major accidents or incidents at roads, it becomes easier to identify with the party that is at fault. And the second thing is that it is also much of a travel accessory if you are a travel enthusiast. So while on a long trip alone, you may not worry about the video capturing anymore. The camera does it for you and does it very well.

3. The Inflator

5 Best Technologies To Have In Bikes

On the go to long drives with friends, family or the special someone, when you are all pumped up about the road ahead with its bends and turns, you wouldn’t wish to have any disturbances all along. On highways or deserted roads, there are not places for long distances that would help you with the tire that unfortunately goes flat. In such cases, the portable tire inflator comes very handy and many times it is like a gift of technology. The Slime Tire Inflator is the best of all to say. It can reach upto 300 PSI and needs just 12V power supply. And it’s so affordable that you need to get it right away.

4. The Tool Kit

Well, practically carrying all the tools you’d be needing would be impossible. But then why not have the ones that would just be enough to take care of the small problems on the go. And to solve this recurring issue that bikers usually face, is the Cruz Tool Fix Kit that is as small as a pocket size telephone book or even your mobile phone. Slide it simply into your bag or the pouch in your bike and save yourself the time to search for things that would be repair-effective in case any small fixtures to be done on your bike. Better than a saddle bag, isn’t it?

5. Mobile Power Supply

Between switching from the GPS to the music player and then camera for the perfect memorable shots, the battery is what drains away little by little and can create a great havoc if it suddenly finishes before you reach the destination. Looking for a shop or a restaurant or food outlet to charge becomes practically difficult and a literal waste of time. The Antigravity XP-3 Micro Start is what you need in such cases. As small as a little cube that fits into any pocket, this device has the energy, enough to start a bike itself. Need any other reason to have this one?

So here is the list of what I consider the 5 best technology gadgets for bikes. May be a little less of a gadget but are greatly helpful for daily use as well as for long trips with family or friends. Seeing it as a much better investment since they are long lasting, try them all and better have them with you in your box or bag wherever you find comfortable. And yes, please mention how you liked the article.

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Happy Biking..!!

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