5 Reasons To Work With A Metrology Reseller

Your quality assurance department has become one of the most important components in your shop’s organization: it catches machine tool errors before its too late, it reduces wasted time on reworks and scrap, and it guarantees the quality of your products to your clients. Here’s why you should work with a metrology reseller when you need to expand or upgrade your QA capacity.

5 Reasons To Work With A Metrology Reseller

#1 New and Used Equipment – Independent resellers offer a major advantage over OEM or OEM-associated vendors: variety. Buying from an independent reseller gives you options of all major manufacturers including DEA, Browne and Sharp, Romer, Faro, Wenzel, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, and more.

When you purchase pre-owned equipment, you can also find bargain basement prices from auctioneers – but the hidden costs will leave you blindsided. Trusted resellers like Canadian Measurement Metrology thoroughly inspect and guarantee their used products, in addition to including everything in their price, including delivery, installation, and verification, after making sure the machine is in tip top condition.

#2 Repairs and Upgrades – Repairs and upgrades from an OEM will limit your options to their own line of products while doing it yourself with non-OEM parts can seriously harm the resale value of your coordinate measuring machine if you ever decide to trade it in. Resellers can certify non-OEM retrofits that will preserve its value while still delivering the unique functionality you need to make the most of it today. OEMs will also push their in-house software, which is not always the best solution to your needs and that makes it difficult to communicate CADs across systems, causing programming bottlenecks down the road. You can upgrade or switch to third-party software like PC-DMIS, a popular option that’s effective for the majority of parts routines you will need, and you can get programming support and training fromCMM – Canadian Measurement Metrology (www.cmmxyz.com). As members of the Machinery Dealers National Association, they uphold a code of ethics that puts their customers first with the most available options.

#3 Reliable Calibration Services – Depending on the type of coordinate measuring machine, vision system, or optical system you have, you will periodically have to recalibrate and certify it in order to ensure that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. If you’re using an older vintage, any good firm should be able to calibrate the instrument to contemporary standards. They can also keep track of your schedule for you, and give you a call two months before your certification expires.

#4 Outsourcing Inspections –Say one of your coordinate measuring machine operators suddenly falls ill or has a family crisis; how are you going to keep up with inspections and meet your strict deadline? You can outsource urgent and/or specialized inspection tasks to a metrology house like Canadian Measurement Metrology, either onsite or offsite depending on the component. They can send a metrologist to your shop, or you can send parts to their state-of-the-art facilities.

#5 Installation – Installing or relocating a coordinate measuring machine without shifting the bearings and making sure the moving parts are immobilized during the move can be a challenge. If you fail to move your equipment properly, you can wind up facing pricey repairs later on, so it’s always best to bring in the “riggers,” who will also verify and calibrate the instrument once they have safely transported it to its new home.

Working with a metrology reseller is about far more than just buying new or used equipment – they focus their energy on building long-lasting relationships with their clients through repairs, retrofits, calibration, and outsourcing projects. The next time you have to buy, sell or upgrade a piece of diameter measurement equipment, make the call to work with a dealer who will listen to your requirements find the solution you really need.

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