5 Tips To Protect Your Weather Station From Birds

Birds, despite their small size and seemingly innocent demeanor, can cause a lot of damage to your weather station, especially if they decide to make a home there. Unfortunately, birds love to make nests in weather equipment, thereby reducing the performance of weather tracking tools. To maintain optimal performance, there are steps that you can take to encourage birds to make their homes in a more convenient location—for you and them.

5 Tips To Protect Your Weather Station From Birds

Use Weather Station Sensors With Deterrents

Some sensors come with the option to add accessories that are designed to deter birds from nesting on your equipment. Look into those that meet both accuracy requirements and that successful prevent birds from making a home of your station.

Use Fishing Line and Bird Control Wire

Both fishing line and bird control wire can successfully keep birds away from your equipment. Wrap the bird wire around the funnel of your rain gage. The barbs of the wire should scare birds away. Fishing line can be used to establish a “bird landing indicator,” and should be used a couple of inches above the majority of your equipment.

Use Cable Ties

Use cable ties to establish a “bed of nails” that keep birds from landing on your weather station sensors and other tracking tools. Pull the free ends of the ties tightly, until the loose end is standing straight up. Do this until you have formed a full circle to place around your equipment.

Install Decoys

Think “scarecrow,” but more realistic looking. Birds won’t roost where they think other birds are, so install realistic looking decoys, such as owl or hawk decoys. This will scare them into thinking that a bigger, meaner predator roosts there.

Provide Other Nesting Options

Not only does this option work for you, but also, it’s a nice option for the birds, as they can still make a nest. Place a perch a significant distance away from your equipment and that is higher than your wind sensors.

Birds can significantly interfere with your weather station sensors and cause inaccurate reporting, but when you use the tips above, you can successfully deter the birds and redirect them to a more convenient home.

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