7 Things That You Can Expect In iPhone 7

The tech-giant Apple is expected to release three different iPhone 7 handsets later this year, according to most recent rumours. It might come up with all the big changes. We can only make a calculated guess about the features that can be watched for in the latest release. Till the time any confirmed releases are made, let’s continue with the discussion about the things what we, being iPhone users, will like to see as improvement:

7 Things That You Can Expect In iPhone 7

1)    High-Resolution Screen: Both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have a screen with 326 and 401 ppi respectively. They are quite impressive, but the competitors such as Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6 have come up with an advanced version having a whopping resolution of 432 and 498 ppi.  Bigger will be the screen size; higher should be the resolution so as to get a display quality, which is realistic and sharper.

2)    Faultless Lightening Cables:
Every iPhone user is well aware with their self-harming cables that don’t have any warranty. All the iPhone users are keeping quite high expectations from the lightening cables of iPhone 7 in terms of durability and longevity. If not wireless charging, the weakness of the charging cables is something that users want to get rid of.

3)    32GB Versions: People don’t want to see 16GB versions any more as it has been clear to many people that they can’t enjoy much free space especially after the OTA updates that take up 5.7GB of the available space. The expectations, this time, is twice the usual offering i.e. 32 GB so that users can get much space for their iTunes.

4)    Enhanced Performance with More RAM: The existing versions of iPhones are undoubtedly great in the performance, but oftentimes Safari reloads all the opened web pages and only a few tabs open up- this clearly indicates that phone needs a bit of improvement with the RAM to play around. Additionally, there has been so many new apps introduced that would need more RAM with the passage of time.

5)    An Improved Grip to Prevent Slip: Be it the metal of iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, both appears to be super slippery material that human hand finds quite difficult to have the grip on. This could be great news for the people into repairing services, but not for the iPhone users for sure. So, there is a need to re-look this aspect of the iPhone.

6)    Wireless Charging: It is still something that has not been widely supported. But if the iPhone 7 is released with the wireless charging, it would be of great interest for the people as they can keep the same charger for Apple Watch and their iPhone 7.

7)    Improved Battery Life: As users are wishing to have everything extra this time, it would be unjustified to not to list better battery life in the list because to enjoy better features, we will obviously need a battery with improved performance. It would be like a dream come true when people will get iPhone 7 with an extraordinary performance, high-resolution screen and simply exceptional battery life.

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