7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming Geeks

We all know playing games based on movies can be quite disappointing. The reason for this is that most creators do not stick to the original plot of the movie. As a result, these games end up being quite disappointing. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Some hardworking creators have invested serious effort into creating great games. You should definitely check out these few games. They can be a great way to kill time and move you out of the boring situation.

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1. The Dark Knight Rises

7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming GeeksDC comics have been recently on a role. They have released some great movies, one of which has been The Dark Knight Rises. This movie is about one of their bestselling characters known as Batman. This game gives you the virtual feeling of being Bat Man. You get the opportunity to assume the role of Bat Man and go around Gotham City beating up criminals. The game does a good job of recreating the movie. It is definitely worth installing and take the opportunity of cleaning the city by eliminating the rotten people; criminals. If you love playing online games, you will have a great time with this game.

2. Thor: The Dark World

7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming GeeksMarvel comics have really outdone themselves with this movie. It tells the story of Norse mythology quite vividly on the big screen. If you love the Norse god Thor, you will love this movie. It gives you the opportunity to be an Avenger through your phone or tablet. This game is in fact more action packed than the entire movie. I bet you will have a great moment playing it. Best of all; it is free of charge.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming GeeksThe actual movie was definitely not well received by fans across the world. Most people did not immediately fall in love with the new character. However, it was still an awesome movie with some great fighting scenes. This game follows a storyline from the movie itself, which is always great. In addition, you get the ability to sling webs at opponents just like in the movies.

4. Jurassic Park Builder

7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming GeeksThe recent Jurassic Park movie was a great hit to the fans. Indeed, this is a great way for you to continue your tour of Jurassic World. This game gives you the ability to correct all the mistakes the builders of Jurassic park made. You will be able to create enclosures and ensure that all the visitors to the park are safe; you will be the guard and savior.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas

7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming GeeksThis movie was a big hit with fans all across the world. It was an especially exciting movie for kids. This game gives you the opportunity to become a real pirate like in the movie. It is a game of strategy and requires a lot of attention for you to win. It is one of the most mentally challenging games based on a movie. Your kids will have an awesome time playing it as they execute the best strategy to emerge winners. It is one of the best online games ever.

6. Man of Steel

7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming GeeksSuperman has been everyone’s favorite hero for many years; this movie has passed the test of time. The recent depiction of everyone’s favorite hero was no different. This game gives you the opportunity to continue on an adventure with the man of steel. This app gives you the opportunity to fight with aliens like never seen before in the movies. If you love your adrenaline rush and do extraordinary things, this game will be worth checking out. This game is a lot of fun not just for kids but for adults as well.

7. Jaws Revenge

7 Top Rated Movies Game Apps For Gaming GeeksThe first Jaws game was a lot of fun. However, nothing comes close to the experience of playing this game. In the first game, your ultimate aim was to keep the swimmers safe from the shark. That has since changed a great deal. Now your goal in this game is to eat up swimmers and boats; you are the predator. You have unlimited control over what the shark can do; you can jump high out of the water or you can dive to the bottom. This will definitely give the thrill you have always wanted. You will get Goosebumps just playing this game. It gives a very realistic rendition of the all the drama that was in Jaws Revenge movie.

Playing games is always an awesome way to pass the time and get entertained. These games give an accurate depiction of the movies on which they are based on. This is a great feature which online games are not able to do with great accuracy.

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