91mobiles Chrome Extension: India’s Online Price Comparison Tool

Shopping online is a very common practice in current times. Indian shoppers like to resort to the internet while buying most things ranging from electronic appliances, clothes, jewelry, accessories, books, grocery and many more. Modern Indian buyers lead very busy lives and cannot always indulge in the pleasure of hopping from a shop to other in order to choose, compare and buy a product as and when required. This has ensured the extensive growth of the online retail portals. People can still compare among scores of products within a same category before choosing the one that is best. There’s no shortage of stocks and varieties in the online stores, thus the shoppers are content in buying their required items from the convenience of their home, office or on the go. However, with passing time and the flourishing business of the ecommerce websites, market competition is becoming more and more intense. This means that many websites offers more competitive pricing and attractive discounts on the same products as compared to others in order to generate more sales and become more popular. As a result, even online shopping is becoming a huge task for regular buyers.


Yes, all online shopping portals for good deals and offers, but how will you know if you are getting the best deal or not? In order to buy a product in the best possible price, thus a good amount of comparison is always required. This is what makes online shopping a time taking and exhausting task, if you don’t know how to smartly compare online. One might end up visiting various sites one by one in order to compare the prices in each site for a particular product, which can take hours and make your eyes burn from staring into the screen. However, it is not so difficult to compare online in reality. With the rise of online shopping trend and innumerable new ecommerce websites, new tools are available to help the buyers with efficient price comparison which doesn’t take so much of time and effort.

At present, there are several online price comparison websites as well as apps that are available for the buyers who prefer the digital market than the actual physical market place. And these make online shopping much easier and more convenient by saving more time and money. However, all online price comparing websites are not the same, and most require one to go to the website, choose a product and then choose the websites from which one wishes to compare prices. This again takes time, if not visiting several sites. Thankfully, there are add-ons or plugins which are different than these websites or apps, which make things really easy and amazingly effortless.

The newly launched 91mobiles Chrome Extension is an excellent example of such a plugin. 91mobiles Price Comparison Chrome Extension, if you wish to buy any sort of electronic device including smartphones, laptops, tablets, audio systems, etc, and start shopping with ease. 91mobiles recently launched its Chrome plugin which is meant to make the online shoppers’ lives really easy when it comes to buying electronic goods. This works amazingly to make sure that you get to avail the best price possible by listing all electronic categories from all the most popular ecommerce sites all at one place and also offers live price comparison with ongoing price fluctuations. That is what makes the 91mobiles Chrome Extension really different from other online price comparison apps and websites.

So, Download 91mobiles Price Comparison Chrome Extension if you wish to become a real smart online shopper and wish to get hold of the best deal possible for a product. 91mobiles Chrome add-on lets you keep a check on the ongoing price fluctuations on several online portals live, so you get to know about the price differences real time. It is a very sorted online price comparison plugin that is currently available, as it dynamically gets results from a number of ecommerce sites and offers information on the best possible price for a product to the customer. So, with the Chrome extension from 91mobiles, you can compare prices without going to various websites and get the current prices that are offered by several websites at one place real time. Once you choose a particular site with the best offer, you will be redirected to that online shopping site with a simple click in order to buy the product from that website. It makes things that simple for you and thus offers the complete peace of mind that you really got hold of the best deal available in the market for a product.

Also, if you wish to know about price drop details on latest products in the near future, then also this plugin will help you real time. Download 91mobiles Chrome Extension and totally forget about checking the websites again if you wish to know when that new smartphone’s price will drop so that you can afford to buy it. 91mobiles Chrome plugin will notify you as and when the price of the product drops, again live. Then again, if you have chosen a product to purchase and it has gone out of stock for the time being, this new Chrome extension will also alert you as soon as that product is back on stock, so that you can buy it quickly before it again gets sold out. In this way, 91mobiles Chrome Extension ensures that you don’t miss out on anything ranging from best prices, price drops and product availability in various online shopping sites, all in one single place.

There are also more benefits of installing the 91mobiles Chrome plugin, as it also offers comprehensive info on various new deals and seasonal discounts and other offers on electronic goods over several websites, so you can save more money. The plugin also comes up with news about the various new upcoming smartphone model launches in the Indian market in order to keep the customers well informed about the what all hot new smartphone to expect soon.

91mobiles Chrome Extension thus, makes the online shopping experience as easy and convenient as one can imagine at best possible prices.

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