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5 Best Technologies To Have In Bikes

5 Best Technologies To Have In Bikes

Your bike is not just an automobile that carries you one place to another, it is as close to you as a friend. You own it like a possession and something just more than that. And the technology in bikes has also increased a great

Lenovo Phab 2 VS Lenovo K5 Note – Phablet or Note?

Lenovo started with laptops but now are known for mobile phones. They have all kinds of phones from low budget to mid-range to high range. Today, we are going to compare two mid-range phones from Lenovo; Lenovo Phab 2 and Lenovo K5 Note Design and

What Is Web Site Design and Development Process?

What Is Web Site Design and Development Process?

More like putting together a building plan for a large construction work for a residential building apartment or estate, building a sound and distinctive website will cost you a lot of things at the initial stage; ranging from money, to thinking, to outlining etc. I

video engagement in digital marketing

The Role Of Video Engagement In Digital Marketing

The last few years, in particular 2015 was a major period when it comes to advancements in the world of digital marketing. Hundreds of new innovations have been introduced in these few years to enhance the scope of the mobile marketing, engagement marketing, and social

Proper Supply Chain Planning-- A Win-Win Formula For Stakeholders

Proper Supply Chain Planning– A Win-Win Formula For Stakeholders

Supply Chain Planning (SCP) is forecasting future requirements to balance supply and demand. It is a process of coordinating resources to optimize the delivery of goods, services, and information from suppliers to customers. The objective is to establish a proper balance between supply and demand