Best iPhone 7 Cases

It is that time of the year again when Apple managed to maintain the hype around its new smartphones for a few weeks after the release.

We must admit, the new iPhone 7 looks very good, but it’s still a fragile device, so if you ask us, buying a case for it is the first thing you should do after getting your hands on the phone. There are a lot of great options you can choose from, but today, we’ve decided upon ten models.

  1. (Thin Fit) Exact-Fit Premium Matte Finish Hard Case

Best iPhone 7 Cases

This case is available in black which is a standard and neutral color. It is already available on Amazon for $12.99 with the option of free shipping for those with a Prime account.

The hard case will protect the iPhone 7 from bumps and dents in case it falls or is knocked against a hard surface. It is best paired with a glass screen protector to protect the screen from scratches, covering just the display, so you have full access to the home button, to unlock your iPhone 7.

  1. (Ultra Hybrid) Air Cushion (Crystal Clear) TPU Bumper

Best iPhone 7 Cases

As the name suggests, the case is crystal clear which is advantageous for those who would like to maintain the original aesthetic appeal of their new iPhone 7’s.

It also provides protection from bumps and falls. It is a bit expensive, compared to the previous model retailing at $16.99 which is still a bargain for a case designed for a flagship and one that is available immediately after the release of the iPhone 7.

  1. (Liquid Armor) Soft Premium Flexible TPU Case

Best iPhone 7 Cases

Available on Amazon for only $12.99, this case comes in black and the buyer is eligible for free shipping on an Amazon Prime account. The case is made from TPU material and is flexible making removal and application easy. It runs round the edges and completely covers the back, leaving room for the camera. The iPhone 7 is protected from bumps and dents by the case.

  1. (Tough Armor) Heavy Duty Case

Best iPhone 7 CasesBest iPhone 7 Cases

This case provides maximum coverage and protection for the iPhone 7. It has a dual layer which means an extra layer of protection. It is available in Gunmetal color and is a heavy duty case that will all but ensure no dents, bumps, scratches or any other damage to the phone that could come about from falls or banging against a surface.

The high protection offered by the case contributes to its retail price, which is $24.99 and more expensive than most of the other cases in the collection by Spigen, but it allows you to unlock the full potential of your phone, without worrying about any damage.

  1. (Slim Armor CS) Card Holder Case

Best iPhone 7 Cases

This is an attractive case available in Gunmetal color that also has a card holder thus making it very handy and convenient. This card holder case has a slim fit dual layer.

One can carry a few cards beneath the detachable body case. For the convenience and protection provided, one would have to part with $29.99 on Amazon to get one of these cases.

So, which one of these is your favorite?

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