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Top 10 iOS & Android App Marketing Tips For Business

Android and iOS are currently the biggest platforms embraced by the users for app download. Different research findings and stats say that Android is followed by iOS strongly in terms of the number of apps and worldwide popularity. In such a context, for an app,

Lenovo Zuk Z1 Vs Moto G4 Plus: Comparison

Lenovo Zuk Z1 Vs Moto G4 Plus: Comparison

The affordable mid-ranged smartphone market is absolutely brimming with innumerable new and highly capable smartphone models which leaves the buyers spoilt for choice and also confused. All the mobile manufacturing companies are constantly fighting among themselves to offer better value for money products and get

Intex Aqua Play - A Basic Low Budget Smartphone For Rs 2,849

Intex Aqua Play – A Basic Low Budget Smartphone For Rs 2,849

Domestic manufacturer Intex made a popular name in the mobile and computer accessories segment before entering the smartphone market. The company had a large user base for its other devices, which has helped the vendor succeed in the smartphone business. Ever since its debut in

Popular Enterprise Plans In Office 365- A Walkthrough

Microsoft office 365 Business is a collaboration of business services under one single subscription. Office 365 Business enterprise plans are the stratification of different levels of SharePoint features in office 365. The different level denotes the different features of office, SharePoint, and exchange services combined.


Computer and Laptop Accessories Beautify The Device

Computers have become an integral part in the daily lifestyle, which is an exceptional example of technical development taking place in the Information technology. In fact, the adaption to the changing environs has grown so much that it is difficult to imagine a life without

Components For An Office In The Cloud

An office in the cloud? An ambiguous term for the uninitiated certainly! But nowadays it holds potent relevancy for businesses which are harnessing the power of the cloud to reap various benefits. Components for an office in the cloud literally mean services of an office

How to Avoid Misusing Online Social Freedom?

When democracy started to be adopted by many countries around the world in 19th century, they actually had different opinions about proper free speech. There are grey areas that we need to consider, depending on the definition about the freedom of speech. The arrival of