Choosing Proper Paper for Printers

Paper is an important component when we want to print text or image. When we plan to print simple text for common usages, then we should go cheap. It is not efficient to print text on more expensive glossy paper. However, if we want to print images, we should be aware that non-coated paper won’t hold ink. The end results should speak for themselves. It is clear that the result would be quite awful. The best type of paper could depend on our purpose. In this case, we should also base our decision on the type of paper that works well in the past. We should be aware that paper that works on ink-jet, may not provide the same result on laser printers. Some inks don’t stick properly on specific type of paper. Other types of paper could contain electrostatic charge making print heads to work erratically and we will get less than optimal result. Even the best paper could make really lousy print if we don’t use it properly.

Each paper has different characteristics. We should know how much ink the paper can absorb before it becomes soggy and characters look wrinkled. The intensity of printed objects depends on the amount of ink on the paper. However, if the paper has reached its limit in absorbing the ink, we will see obvious reduction in quality. The characteristics of paper and ink will have different combinations and we often need to perform experiment to determine the right balance between clarity and quality.

Choosing Proper Paper for Printers

Here are other tips when choosing paper for your printer:

  • Carefully think about what you want to print before setting a proper budget. As an example, we may use our printer for various art and photography sessions. In this case, paper would have a significant impact on the quality of our final product. Skimping here won’t be a professional thing to do.
  • Check for recommendation in user manual. Often, manufacturers advise us on the proper paper type that we should use. Many modern printer models has plenty selection of paper for different purposes.
  • Choose paper with proper ICC profiles. Some printers could work well only with paper that has the right ICC profiles. This will make sure that color can be reproduced more accurately. We should check the user’s manual for the right ICC profiles for our printer. ICC profile is an important factor if you want to achieve a great print on our paper. In this case, the printer will be able to deliver the most precise colors. We should refine and define how printers could work on specific type of paper. We shouldn’t skip this if we want to get the best results.
  • Check the local office superstore. In many cases, affordable paper is already suitable for our purposes. Knowledgeable dealers should be able to provide the right suggestions. We may need to bring our user manual so they could give us the proper type of paper.

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