Cloud Based CRM Solutions – A Tower Of Strength For Your Business

Cloud-based CRM solutionsCompetitive advantage and profit markup are important issues for top management of small and medium business. Financial success of a company is not possible without loyal customers who will not stop using your services or products even during an economic crisis. The reason is that many business representatives do not have strategies to attract and retain clients properly. Fortunately, there are fine IT-systems that know how to make customers stay with your company forever – cloud based CRM solutions are meant to help a company establish fruitful relationships with clients and increase profits.

Cloud Based CRM Solutions – A Tower Of Strength For Your Business

Bpm’online CRM offers cloud service, suitable for organizations that work with clients and partners.  Cloud based CRM solutions undertake the whole process of customer care, from the first inquiry and up to closure of a deal and after-sales. But possibilities of game-changer cloud CRM do not end here.

Cloud Based CRM Solutions – A Tower Of Strength For Your Business

Key Features of Cloud Based CRM Solutions

Formation of a Customer Database

Bpm’online makes it possible to maintain a full-value customer database. The centralized base is accessible at any time from any computer or mobile device. A manager can make changes in a customer’s profile, check a status of a contact or look through the history of communication with a partner from anywhere. The client database is finely segmented what enables employees to focus on the most profitable customers and develop personalized proposals.

Account Management

A client’s profile involves exhaustive information on a partner with a helpful option to add user fields, where you can enter specific data: a customer’s hobby, children’s names, or favorite food. All this information as well as a complete history of communication, number of contracts, details on transactions  and call records  is carefully analyzed by smart cloud based CRM solutions to develop the best strategies for up-and cross-sales, meet expectations of your clients and increase their loyalty.


This tool allows to instantly inform clients about sales, marketing campaigns and individual offerings. Functionality of cloud-based CRM solutions allows sending not only traditional emailing for target audience, but notifications via SMS and groups in social networks.


Automation of all business processes replaces repeated routine operations to reduce managers’ work. For instance, contracts are generated automatically owing to integrated patterns of documents. For any business process advanced cloud CRM offers ready-to-go algorithms of actions. Now human factor is excluded.


Your sales team and department will no longer waste time on preparation of reports manually as in-depth  analysis and reports are formed automatically in one click by cloud-based CRM solutions:

  • Volume of sales and an average purchase size segmented into affiliated branches, managers and departments, communication channels, goods/services, or concrete periods.
  • Analysis of planned and actual earnings from different perspectives.
  • The total amount of leads via various communication channels and the number of leads converted into loyal customers.
  • Sifting of the sales funnel.
  • Estimation of marketing campaigns efficiency.
  • Evaluation of managers’ performance: the number of letters sent, calls made, deals closed, tasks accomplished or fallen behind.

Task Assigning

You can assign tasks  in accordance with their priority and  urgency. Cloud-based CRM solutions give a chance to track and control how tasks are processed. Execution results are analyzed by intelligent bpm’online software and can be used for managers’ motivation and bonus reward.

Up- and Cross-sell Growth

Since cloud based CRM solutions gather and segment information about buyers, their purchases and financial behavior and determine problems and needs of every customer, you can maximize up-and cross-sell by having a comprehensive view of each client. Bpm’online gives an opportunity to offer your partners relevant products and services at a right time.

Data Security

To guarantee ultimate data security, uses progressive IT-innovations: coding of link channels, customization of authorization, IP Block and Allow lists, proactive protection against cyber attacks and ceaseless backup. Activity of every user is registered including unsuccessful sign-on attempts. All this excludes loss or leakage of information.

Costs Reduction

By choosing cloud based CRM solutions, you optimize costs on the entire IT-infrastructure maintenance. You do not need to hire an IT-specialist to deploy and tailor cloud CRM software to meet objectives of your company, buy special hardware and licenses to use the platform. The system’s update and customization are carried out by the vendor without your participation in online mode. Monthly payments allow you to take advantage of endless possibilities of sophisticated cloud CRM.

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