Components For An Office In The Cloud

An office in the cloud? An ambiguous term for the uninitiated certainly! But nowadays it holds potent relevancy for businesses which are harnessing the power of the cloud to reap various benefits. Components for an office in the cloud literally mean services of an office that can be outsourced to the cloud computing model. Using cloud computing model (SharePoint Online to be specific) various office activities like project management, documentation control, remote access management and security can be managed effortlessly.

SharePoint Online

Managing a project where collaborators are residing in remote locations can be a recipe for disaster if the right tools are not utilized. SharePoint Online by virtue of its intrinsic and inherent capabilities like seamlessly document sharing and version controlling, providing remote access to all content on a 24/7 basis can make this job seem like a piece of cake. But perhaps the biggest and most appreciable advantage of using SharePoint Online is the almost nonexistent learning curve. This is because SharePoint Online uses familiar tools to provide all the aforementioned services. These tools are all incorporated in the Office 365 compendium which broadens the circumference of Microsoft legacy office experience to new proportions. In most cases the employees are already have thorough hands on experience with all Microsoft Office tools so transitioning it to platforms like mobile devices is quick and efficient.

Here are the other mentionable advantages of putting office components in the cloud:

Team Collaboration

Managing, storing, creating and sharing content with team members is made effortless by SharePoint Online. Being hosted in the cloud, SharePoint Online makes it easy for team members to effectively share their insights, inputs and ideas through document library. Tasks and calendar events can be synched to enhance team synergy. Alters and notifications           can be circulated and can even be configured to trigger under provided circumstances.

Backup and Recovery

Components For An Office In The Cloud

The most worrisome reality of a heavily collaborated upon project is data loss in event of an unforeseen event. SharePoint Online ensures that project critical data and content is backed up on regular basis and put under encryption for safety purposes. This also dispenses the need to acquire third party software for the earlier mentioned activities. Visit for having your custom made SharePoint Online solution deployed.

High Uptime

Last but certainly not the least, SharePoint Online liberates an organization from having to worry about content and application availability. This means that all the applications, content and data that is required by the collaborators and employees is always available through an internet connection. The uptime is 99.99% guaranteed compared to having data on location servers which are prone to various drawbacks.

Virtual Desktop Hosting

Apart from SharePoint Online, virtual desktop hosting is another cloud service which is transforming the traditional organizational approach to maintaining an office. Virtual desktop hosting entails a user interface that connects to all applications and data which is remotely residing on the service provider’s server. This means nothing is stored on the local server and machines. For the end users the experience is totally undistinguishable from using their own pc.

Here are the various boons using virtual desktop hosting offers:

Connectivity on the go

Using virtual desktop hosting, employees can access all their required applications and data on the go through mobile devices. The mobile device can be running any sort of operating system but can still connect with the virtual desktop seamlessly. This greatly enhances and increases productivity.


The data going to and fro while using virtual desktop is highly secured and encrypted. This security extends to physical storage also as the employees don’t have to worry about keeping a watchful eye on their devices. All the data is residing securely on the service provider’s server. The data is also regularly backed up and safeguarded from unauthorized access. is a reputable one stop site that caters to virtual desktop requirements of businesses irrespective of their size. Have your virtual desktop hosted in the most competitive and reasonable price.

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