Creating The Most Affordable Hand Dryer

Creating the most affordable hand dryer is a matter of technology. The twenty-first century, more than any other time in history, has been defined by the rapid pace of technological change. Every year, there is something new that revolutionises the way something is done. If you want to change the way hands are dried, there is technology for that as well. Honestly, new hand dryers aren’t very exciting on the surface. A hand dryer simply blows warm air across your hands to blast away water. The water evaporates and your hands become dry. So, what is there to change? The changes come in the form of operation as well as efficiency.

Creating The Most Affordable Hand Dryer

Operational Changes

One of the most important operational changes is the change in motion sensor technology. If you have been in a pub restroom in the past decade or so, you’ve probably seen the old hand dryers with the metal button that you push. You push the button and the dryer blows for a predetermined amount of time. In many cases with old hand dryers, that’s not enough time. However, in other cases, that’s actually too much time. Running your hand dryer only costs you a few pence, so running it a little longer than necessary isn’t a very big expense. However, when hundreds of people do it over the course of day, you can end up wasting several pounds every day. That adds up to hundreds of pounds over the course of a year. So, the first big technological change towards efficiency is a motion sensor.

When a customer puts his or her hands underneath the Warner Howard Airforce hand dryer, the dryer turns on instantly. When they remove their hands, the dryer turns off. That means that no wasted energy is spent blowing air when there is no one using the dryer. That’s going to save you a significant amount of money. Furthermore, you need to consider the efficiency of the machine itself.


The very best hand dryers use as little energy as possible. A hand dryer does two things: warm the air and blow the air. So, you need to figure out how to use as little energy as possible to do those two things. When air is taken into the hand dryer, it is warmed by passing over warm coils. If your hand dryer is well-insulated, the mechanics inside the dryer will already be warm, making it much easier to warm the air that is taken in; that will save you energy costs. In addition, the fan and fan components need to be as lightweight as possible. Turning a fan to blow the air requires converting electrical energy into mechanical energy; the heavier the fan, the more difficult it is to turn and the more energy is expended.

A more efficient hand dryer might seem like a small concern, but when you consider the amount of money you waste on energy costs and buying paper towels, you could actually save hundreds of pounds every year by switching to a more efficient hand dryer. Also, some of the new models look pretty good.

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