Get Real Vegas Rewards In MyVegas Slots & Konami Slots

Playing for fun, and playing for keeps are two different things. When you play with MyVegas Slots or Konami Slots, you’re able to play for both. This is due to the fact that they provide you with a way to earn incentives while you’re having fun within the many slots. Of course, these incentives are not monetary, and you will not receive a fat check after hitting the jackpot thousands of times. However, the points you receive for doing so can be redeemed for great offers and incentives in their banking section.

Get Real Vegas Rewards In MyVegas Slots & Konami Slots

Cashing in Those Earned Points

When the time comes to cash in those earned points, you need to consider the available options out there. You could save up and cash out on discounts that you can use within the real Vegas, at their casinos or you can cash out early and obtain other discounts.

Whatever you decide to do, the choice is yours. You’re able to continue playing, even after cashing out your points to grow your stash once again. This is your bankroll, and you have no limit on how much or little you have within it. You can keep earning, the skies the limit, and you can even pay for a whole Vegas vacation by using the points. It is ultimately up to you.

Do you want a free vacation to Vegas, just by playing some of the most fun slots out there?

Make sure to download Konami Slots and MyVegas Slots from PlayStudios when the time comes to have a little fun and make a few points. You’re able to benefit from being able to strike it big, and make the most of the rewards points and other incentives that both apps provide. Easy to download, and easier to sign up; play today!

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