How The Internet Is Streamlining Modern Convenience

There can be little doubt that the Internet has completely revolutionized the way we live our lives, and view the world. From shopping for gadgets and gizmos in the comfort of our own homes to chatting to friends half way around the world, there are few things that are off limits as far as the Internet is concerned. Indeed, these days it’s perfectly possible to navigate our lives without leaving home, while feeling as though we’re embracing the world and all it has to offer. As if the modern world wasn’t convenient enough, the Internet’s ability to reinvent, and rejuvenate our lives seemingly knows no boundaries.

How The Internet Is Streamlining Modern Convenience

So, what can the Internet do for us?

Shopping, without the hassle

Our ability to enter a store and leave with anything we desired was convenient enough, but now we’re able to browse, purchase, and even return items without having to get up and leave the house; the Internet has provided the ultimate consumer convenience. The world of e-commerce is a fast-paced one, giving retailers from around the world an expandable, and flexible platform upon which to sell their wares. As if that wasn’t enough we’re now about to buy items with a simple swipe or click, and experts predict that drone-to-door delivery could be on its way far sooner than we’d imagined.

The remote office

The Internet, and its accompanying technology has revolutionized the way many offices operate, improving flexibility and opportunities for armies of workers. The concept of the traditional 9-5 still exists for many people, but there are increasing numbers of companies employing remote workers and freelance consultants – to the benefit of all involved. The Internet has enhanced our ability to work from home, and the ease with which we keep in touch with colleagues, clients, and partners; put simply, it has streamlined the way organizations, and our country, are operated.

Managing our finances

For some time we’ve had the ability to deposit or withdraw our money without queuing to speak to a cashier. The Internet has taken that convenience a step further, allowing us to manage our finances, apply for loans and mortgages, and receive financial advice online. We’ve been empowered to monitor and judge our own spending, and gifted the opportunity to save, transfer, and check our balances at any time of the day or night. While we’re on the subject of finances, how many of you play the lottery? Whether you’re drawn to the Mega Millions CA, Powerball, or Tri-State Lottery, the Internet has made it possible for us to purchase tickets for as many games and lines as wish, via a simple ticket order form that’s found, you’ve guessed it, online.

Organizing our homes

The term ‘Internet of Things’ relates to the network of vehicles, smart devices, and appliances that are connected via online capabilities and computer chips. This wireless enabling allows them to receive and send data quickly and easily, revolutionizing our understanding of the term ‘convenience’. Our homes are becoming smarter, powered by Wi-Fi. That means our devices can work in sync to play music, control our heating and lights, set reminders, or simply tell us the weather. Indeed, even coffeemakers are empowered with the knowledge of our favorite beverages, poured at just the right temperature. Could our lives become any more streamlined?

Social interaction and entertainment

The Internet has revolutionized the way that we create, and maintain friendships, facilitating conversations regardless of where we are and what time it is. These days it’s quick, easy, and convenient to say hello, issue a greeting, or extend an invitation – and we don’t have to be in the same time zone for our messages to be read and understood by those we love the most. The Internet has also become quick to entertain, introducing an array of platforms by which we can listen to music, devour movies, and catch up with whole television series. The growing popularity of subscription services and streaming means we can enjoy such pleasures with friends and loved ones, whether they’re in the same room or not.


So, what’s next? The Internet’s hold over our personal, financial, and working lives continues, and while it’s perhaps a little scary to imagine how our details and habits could be misused, we simply can’t get enough of the opportunities we’ve been afforded. Technology giant Ericsson predicts that there will be over 29-billion connected devices by the year 2022, with some 18-billion of those connected to the Internet of Things. Perhaps we’ll struggle to find any modern conveniences that haven’t been influenced by the Internet during the next decade or so. Although our relationship with the Internet and enabled gadgets looks set to become even more entwined in the years to come, we’d not have it any other way.

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