How to Choose Colors Successfully in Web Design?

Color has a significant involvement in ensuring online success. Probably, the most important thing is the call-to-action colors. They can be used quite effectively on Submit buttons and users will be more encouraged to click the button. According to studies, effective call-to-action colors are red, bright orange, blue and green. The least effective colors are yellow and pink, especially if the background of the webpage is white. This happens because the button fails to stand out compared to the background color. So, it won’t be a good idea to use these less perceptible colors for buttons.

Buttons should be very easy to see, especially compared to the background color. It is true that different cultures have different perceptions on colors. However, modern Internet users are more immune to this effect. Unless the user is someone from the rural area who has rigid perception on colors, some of the colors we use may fail to produce the desired results. Internet users tend to think that colors used on websites are outside the traditional assumptions. They may still think that some colors are inappropriate to use for clothing and paints for housing, but they may consider that colors on the web are exception to these traditional rules. As an example, Facebook continues to use blue as its dominant color and it doesn’t seem to offend societies that consider blue as inappropriate color.

How to Choose Colors Successfully in Web Design

The most important rule is to make sure that these colors are visible enough. If we fail to use colors that stand out, it is possible that we will hinder the success of our online business. It should depend on our market and whether they have good enough interest in our products. In fact, if people are determined enough to purchase our products, they will try harder to find ways to purchase our products. Websites have eliminated the smell, sound and texture elements used in the decision-making process, so it is important to deliver better in terms of visual and knowledge.

Modern Internet users are educated enough and they have the same view that blue is the color that could provide them comfort, calmness and peace. For Facebook, it is the color that they will continue to use. However, the color shouldn’t be used for websites that involve topics related to physical activities and extreme sports. Red better indicates dependability and strength. It should be used in these websites instead. Gender could also play an involvement on the kind of color that we should use. Black, red, earthy brown and dark green are colors that can be used on men-oriented websites.

Men don’t seem to like lighter shades of red, purple and orange. On the contrary, these colors can be used safely on website designed for women. Black can help to portray luxury and it is a good color to choose if we want to sell luxurious products. Overall, too many colors could cause endless confusion.

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