How to Prevent Tech-Related Distractions at Work?

Many companies are concerned about common distractions in the workplace. It is clear that many distractions have kept people from giving their full concentration on their work. It means that companies could lose a lot of money each year paying employees to get busy with their non work-related distractions. Distractions may range from personal phone call to answering text messages to surfing the web to playing games. Unfortunately, many employees think that they are doing nothing wrong and others are doing the same thing. Today, we often see employees open social media accounts at work and in some companies, it is considered as the norm. In this case, employers need to properly educate their work force.

It means that once employees have punched the clock, their attention should be fully focused for the company. Surfing the web is unacceptable. They can send or receive text communications, while cell phones must be switched off. Even if we are only taking 5 minutes away for every hour we are in the office, we could send three hours and 20 minutes each week on distractions.

How to Prevent Tech-Related Distractions at Work

It means that we literally steal money from the company and it’s acceptable for employers to take stern measures. Multiply they above number with the number of employees, companies may be dealing with thousands of lost man-hours each year and they are paying for that. It clear that it’s not easy to break the habit, especially because doing things with mobile gadgets and the Internet can be very exciting. Also, many employees consider their daily works boring. However, it is important for companies to perform proper policing tasks and any overly harsh measures could cause employees to rebel and this may further cause reductions in productivity. At first, employees should be allowed to manage their own time.

First, we should gather employees and provide them with time management training. This will help them to perform tasks more efficiently. The next step is to implement firm warnings and other more strict disciplinary measures. In this case, they will know that things won’t be good if they are caught doing something that’s not allowed.

It means that employers should stick to appropriate actions plans that can be really effective. It can be difficult to not allow employees to call wives with sick babies, but doing this will also give other people who have troubled relatives a reason to make or accept the phone call. Any phone call is allowed only during lunch any short coffee break sessions. It can be rather difficult to deal with WWW surfing. Many companies need employees to access the Internet to perform various work-related jobs. With standard major browsers, it is to click the (+) sign and create a new tab. Employees may quickly slide to a website that they are interested. As an example, they could regularly check e-Bay to monitor their auctions. In this case, it is important for companies to perform IP address blocking mechanism, so employees are allowed only to visit specific websites.

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