How To Unlock An Apple Device Linked To Someone Else Apple ID

The iCloud account is locked by default when you buy a second hand iPhone or iPad device online. The seller may deliberately choose not unlock the iCloud account when selling the device to you. It can also be locked if you happen to forgot your account information. You have to provide proof of ownership document if you bring the device to apple store to remove the iCloud lock.

How To Unlock An Apple Device Linked To Someone Else Apple ID

Most of the time, this document is not included when you purchase second hand iPhone. Another alternative is to hire a service provider to unlock it but this option is expensive and there is also a waiting time for a few days. It can be disappointing when you are faced with the iCloud activation screen without the activation key.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay any fee to get your iCloud account unlocked. You can use a free iCloud bypass tool like iCloud Unlocker Tool. iCloud Unlocker is the product of a group of experienced programmers with years of experiences in software development. It is completely free to download iCloud Unlocker and you won’t be required to do anything such as completing surveys to unlock the download file. The iCloud bypass tool is free from virus and won’t install any malware onto your computer when you download it.

iCloud Unlocker Tool not only help you to bypass the activation screen one time. You will permanently bypass the activation screen and you will be able to use the cloud storage services as many times as you want. iCloud Unlocker is easy to use and can efficiently bypass activation lock on all Apple devices. It works with all versions of iPhone devices starting from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6+. It supports all iOS firmware including modern firmware up to the latest iOS 10 version.

To unlock your iCloud, you must first download iCLoud Unlocker by pressing the download button. They currently only offer the version that requires download but it is expected that they will launch an online iCloud unlocker tool within a few weeks. Next, you must use the USB cable to connect your Apple device to the PC. The Apple device will be automatically detected when you launch the software.

You have to choose the device type such as iPhone, iPad or iPod and enter the IMEI. The IMEI number is listed in the About under General in Settings of your iPhone. If you hold down the IMEI number for a while, a bubble with a copy option will pop up. You should tap on the copy and paste it into the IMEI field in the iCloud Unlocker tool.

It will quickly unlock your Apple device and won’t occupy a lot of your time. iCloud Unlocker instantly remove the iCloud activation lock. You only have to wait for a few minutes to bypass the activation lock of iCloud. It will display a message that let you know your device is successfully connected to the server after the activation lock is remove. You can now login or create a new iCloud account.

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