IOS 12 Roundup: Features, Rumors, Release Date, News, What To Expect?

Apple release iOS 11 a few months back loaded with fun-filled features, revamped App Store, new control center, Smart Siri, and so much more. Now all the attention is focused on the next iOS version and we’re looking ahead to a new big software update in 2018 for iOS devices. Although we don’t know what Apple has in store for the users, we’re looking forward to the major iOS update of 2018. In this article, we will update you on all the rumors, expectations, specifications, release date regarding the new iOS 12.

IOS 12 Roundup: Features, Rumors, Release Date, News, What To Expect?

When is iOS 12 releasing?

IOS 12 is expected to release in September 2018. Considering the past release dates, it’s certain that Apple will offer a preview of the new update at the WWDC conference which will conduct in June. Soon after that, public beta will release for anyone who wants to try and test out the new update on their iPhones or iPad devices. Thus it’s right to say that Apple’s exclusive next version will release in September 2018.

What to expect from the next iOS version?

It’s too soon to think what features Apple will introduce in the next release. However, the news and rumors are keeping us updated that Apple will add improvised features. The following list of features is expected to appear in iOS 12.

  1. Conference calls for FaceTime

The long-awaited feature of iOS is expected to release in the new update. The option to make a group calls like Skype via FaceTime. The verifiers have predicted that Apple is working on improving the work calling experience by adding filters like Snapchat and MSQRD that have huge collection of filters. Since verifier has a past history of sharing Apple’s rumors, it’s not confirmed if this feature will be added in the next version or it can be overstatement too. In addition, FaceTime will introduce face sharing which will be a useful feature if you’re trying to troubleshoot iOS device remotely.

  1. Multi user accounts

Although iPhone is more likely a personal device, iPads are not: they demand multiple user accounts. This is needed for a lot of reasons, including listening to music, switching accounts, seeing photos, emails etc. Since iPad is used by more than a person there’s a high request for a personalized account. It is expected that Apple might introduce multi-user profile for iPad only. Don’t expect it for iPhone and hope this feature gets added in the new update.

  1. Improvised message feature

According to Bloomberg, Apple will provide a more advanced communication platform between users through a single panel. The social feature will let user communicate in a better way and stay connected to them. The users will be able to view all the messages, emails, iMessage, or social network communication between the users in a single window. Adding the receipt option in the app would be an icing on the cake making it more convenient and reliable.

  1. Dynamic keyboard

It has been stated that Apple received a patent for dynamic keyboard positing on touchscreens, whereby every single key will be positioned in accordance with the fingerprint and usage pattern, thus reducing the need for the users to look down to the screen when typing. The new keyboard is expected to be wide to be introduced for iPad keyboard too. Apple received the patent two years back and is expected to release it in the coming year.

  1. Slide to unlock will be back

There’s a considerable debate that’s going on that Apple will bring back slide to unlock feature. After iOS 10 update Apple replaced slide to unlock feature with a Home button. While most of the people got used to the new feature, some people are still not satisfied with it and want the old feature back. A petition has been signed to bring back the feature. There’s a little change Apple will bring back the feature or it will release a new feature and people will get used to it.

  1. Dark Mode

It has long been predicted that Apple will introduce “Dark mode” feature which will provide a dark theme and background in the iOS devices. This can be used in case you’re running out of battery or when using phone in night mode. This will reduce the brightness and reserve your battery.


There’s no doubt that iOS 12 is all set to release next year, the question is what to expect from the new version? We’re eagerly looking ahead in 2018, Apple will come with a big bang bringing a raft of new features in its iOS 12 release in September.

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