Low WiFi? Learn How To Boost Your Home WiFi

With WiFi speeds around the world increasing to dizzying speeds every year, it is essential to ensure the reliability of your connection. Not many people may realize this, but there are a lot of factors that can throttle down your home WiFi – be it bad reception or other WiFi issues.

Low WiFi Learn How To Boost Your Home WiFi

Here are some tricks to get the most of your connection!

Use Up-to-date Hardware

One great way to make sure your home network is living up to its potential is by using the latest WiFi technology. The important thing you need to know – Wireless G, A and B are outdated, and wireless AC and N are 2 of the latest technologies and will give you a fast and reliable speed you’re looking for.

Don’t Hide Your Router

Most people tend to hide their routers to make them seem unsightly, but hiding your router in a cabin or closet can significantly slow it down (doors and walls can degrade the signal strength). Find a better location, such as the center of your house and make sure you place it on a table; or even a bookshelf won’t hurt. As long as you keep it high off the ground, you’re good, as most routers should be able to project the signal slightly downward to have an even distribution throughout your home.

Keep It Away From Metal Objects

Appliances and other metal objects can absorb your WiFi signal strength. To avoid interference, keep your WiFi router away from the metal objects causing unnecessary interruptions. Most routers nowadays also have this auto option to identify the best channel for your location, which is also probably your best bet.

Control Your Bandwidth With QoS

If a member in your house regularly downloads stuff, plays games online, or even uses services like Netflix, they are probably hogging most of the bandwidth, which makes it slower for everyone else using. Fortunately, there is something known as Quality of Service – or simply QoS. With this, you can control the speed of bandwidth by prioritizing some applications – let’s say Netflix over video games, then Netflix will receive the bandwidth it requires.

Get Wider Coverage With HomePlugs

If none of the above seems to work for you, then here’s something that will. HomePlugs are WiFi signal booster devices that create¬†multiple WiFi access points to reach the ends of your home. Now if you really do want to hide your router inside of a cabinet or a closet, then you can do so – thanks to HomePlugs.

Most modems don’t tend to reach all the areas of your home – in that case, HomePlugs are your best bet. Besides, they are also simple to use, and portable as well.

After you go through all these tricks, your broadband speed must now be much faster, more reliable, and secure as well. Say goodbye to inability to stream, dropped WiFi signals, because now you’re finally getting what you always deserved.

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