XIAOMI MI 5 Most Awaited Smartphone Of 2016

XIAOMI MI 5: Most Awaited Smartphone Of 2016

Xiaomi’s upcoming handset Xiaomi MI 5 still does not have an official launch date, But a latest leak, surfaced on the Internet tipping some of the specifications of this smartphone, Featuring 5.2-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 820 processor. Official announcement of Xiaomi Mi 5 is

7 Things That You Can Expect In iPhone 7

The tech-giant Apple is expected to release three different iPhone 7 handsets later this year, according to most recent rumours. It might come up with all the big changes. We can only make a calculated guess about the features that can be watched for in

How to Choose Colors Successfully in Web Design?

Color has a significant involvement in ensuring online success. Probably, the most important thing is the call-to-action colors. They can be used quite effectively on Submit buttons and users will be more encouraged to click the button. According to studies, effective call-to-action colors are red,

Choosing Proper Paper for Printers

Paper is an important component when we want to print text or image. When we plan to print simple text for common usages, then we should go cheap. It is not efficient to print text on more expensive glossy paper. However, if we want to