Reasons Why Many Web Design Companies Can’t Last Long

Many people have created their own small web design companies, after being certain that their skill level is well above average. They also have a large numbers of acquaintances and this makes them even more confident about proper presence in the market. However, they ended up being broke in just one year. This could happen because they consistently made very fundamental mistakes. After closely studying the market, it is actually quite easy to find that they make some of the extremely common mistakes. If we want to start anew, it is important for us to be aware of these common mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes that we make is by under pricing our service. This can be a bad mistake to do and can often be performed by people who want to build their portfolio quickly. In this case, we shouldn’t try to do this mistake. We should be aware that half of our time is spent to design the website and the other half is used to find clients who agree to pay us well. In this case, if our time is worth $50 per hour, then we should ask for it. This is especially true if we have a couple of employees that need to be paid. We will also need to pay for various operational expenses.

Reasons Why Many Web Design Companies Can’t Last Long

It is also important for us not to fail set and enforce proper boundaries. It is important that we are in the web design business to make money. In this case, we should really consider whether it is really necessary to accept orders for small websites and waste much of our time in a week for small payments. Some web designers could even need to waste a lot of time when clients ask them to do unrelated tasks, such as adding just one “small thing” to the already completed website or even remove spyware from client’s PC. In this case, it is important for web designers to establish proper boundaries. After we have meet things that clients want from us, we should also make sure that they’ll agree to meet our expectations.

We also make mistakes by seeing our clients as temporary. Many businesspeople are successful because they are able to retain old customers and continue to work with them. They always get new projects and this will also means improved cashflow. In this case, our inability to keep old customers may cut into our potential revenue. We should be aware that no website can stay for long without being updated. In this case, updates can be seen as being bothersome, but they are often considered as the primary way to maintain revenue stream. Satisfied clients are needed for the longevity of our websites.

We should be aware that each update task can be seen as an opportunity to make money. Even $200 a month is acceptable, if we have 50 clients who want small updates to their website. However, the amount of work should be comparable to the fee. If clients want to pay $200, the job should be completed in a day or less.

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