Tech Tips For Churches To Get Ready For Easter Sunday Services – Easing Off Your Responsibilities

In case your church is like other churches, you should be worried about the Easter weekend as there will be too many tasks and jobs to perform. You will find several first-time visitors with new faces and family and all of them will come with new clothing. How are you supposed to manage all these tasks on your own without the help of some kind of technology? Well, it is needless to mention that technology plays a vital role in the Easter weekend as it not only helps you automate tasks but it also helps you keep track of the guests and their gifts. Just as there is a system for online Church giving, there are also ways in which you can manage Easters through tech. Here are few tech tips to follow.

Tech Tips For Churches To Get Ready For Easter Sunday Services – Easing Off Your Responsibilities

  • Create a back up of all critical and important files

This is a task which should be done pretty often. If there are too many files which are still not hosted on the cloud, you should either have them on 2 hard drives or on the cloud, if that’s possible for you. Always be prepared for disasters as they can come in any form on the big days and hence you should always be prepared for the worst.

  • Do a tech test at least 2 weeks before Easter

Sometimes it is always better to test things in a non-production environment. Tech experts suggest that it is important for you to run a test through the software at least 14 days before the actual service. Things can definitely change but as long as the media team has got an idea of what may happen, you can be prepared for any curveball, as they say.

  • Have enough of removable media

There might arise a time when you can run out of DVDs and CDs and during such instances, you should not be sending someone during the event to grab few CDs. This is why you should always take an inventory of your supplies and also make sure there’s enough of removable media, particularly on the big days like Easter.

  • Consider using a run sheet for your service

You should be using some church management software which can help you with perfect delegation and organization of duties. Evernote and Google Docs are free online tools which can also be used but whatever you may go through, don’t leave anything to chance. This is some real good advice that you should implement when Easter is knocking on your door.

  • Set up a guest wi-fi network with login to a guest landing page

You may consider offering a guest network which automatically redirects to an Easter landing page which is church customized. Companies like Starbucks and Panera do this really well but not many churches engage in doing this.

Easter is actually a celebration of the resurrection of our Lord. Though you may use technology, you should ensure that tech doesn’t get in the way of attracting people to share a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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