The 10 Best Websites For WordPress Hosting

Your decision to select WordPress hosting can have a big impact on your site. It is one of the essential things to run dynamic sites on the web. There are some hosting providers and a bulk of them meet the minimum supplies set by WordPress, yet a minority of them will provide you with the level of service you are searching. In spite of such huge challenge, selecting the WordPress hosting with the correct balance of cost, highlights, performance, and backing can be done with the proper information. Here is a list of the 10 Best websites for WordPress Hosting. Below points will help you in choosing best WordPress Hosting Providers for your business.

The 10 Best Websites For WordPress Hosting

  1.    liquidweb

WordPress hosting at this site is very much flexible, instinctive, and free of limits to visitors. Lots of plugins are available for the end user. The designer gets many more options on this site. It comes in different plans. A personal plan starts from $119 per month whereas Professional plan starts at $189 per month. Those that run Agency can opt for Agency plan which starts at $289 per month.

Key features of the liquidweb

  •    Unlimited Visitor: One of the best features of this site is its availability for a number of visitors. There are no restrictions on the website visitors.
  •    Varied themes: The most significant thing about this site is the access to a user in terms of different themes. The end user can make use of new WordPress Dashboard, themes Sync Pro, or cPanel as per his convenience.
  •    Availability of Plug-Ins: User can have access to a number of plugins as per their business requirement. There is certainly no limit to the accessibility of the plugin and user has a freedom to use the plugin as per their choice.
  •    Online Support: With this feature, you will get 24/7 live chat along with helpdesk. Online Support will help you in fixing the business issues quickly.
  •    Free of Cost: This WordPress hosting site is completely hassled free and free of cost.
  1.    FatCow

Features such as unlimited space, bandwidth, email, and domains are a part of FatCow hosting services. FatCow has individual hosting plans which have all these features. A MiniMoo plan is also accessible that designed for domain parking. Other plans of FatCow include WP Starter starting at $3.75/mo and WP Essential that starts at $6.95/mo.

Key features of FatCow

  • Provide Free email Account: This service provides a free email account to its users.
  • Control Panel: A customizable control panel which permits Spam filtering usefulness.
  • Webmaster tool option: Webmaster tools for site encouragement.
  1.    IX webhosting

IX webhosting is the leading WP Hosting providing company that aims at providing up time support which is fast and dependable. The plan starts at SiteLock Basic Plan which is $1.25/mo (Billed Annually) and another one is creating a Mobile Website for Phone Visitors at $4.95/mo.

  •    Support WordPress: IX webhosting is 100% suitable for WordPress websites in terms of hosting of the websites.
  •    24/7 Customer Support: It also provides 24/7 customer Support and 100% Service Uptime Guarantee.
  •    Inbuilt Templates: Great looking, modern models that do not necessitate advanced technical information to customization.
  •    Free Plug-in: Enormous library of plug-in that covers virtually everything a site could need.
  •    Supports Open Source: The complete high time accessibility is another thing that makes I X webhosting so well-liked. It is open source application and can be used by anyone.
  1.    WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad offers you unlimited storage and file transfer. A lot of sites can become the victim of their success through ill planning. WebHostingPad does not limit the amount of bandwidth that you require to serve your users’ experience. It permits you to store vital data, content, and other detail without crashing. Power Plan starts at $1.99 and Basic Plan starts at $2.99.

Key Features of the WebhostingPad

  •    Advanced Security: WebHostingPad offers best WordPress hosting that comprises a malware scanner.This scanner will examine your site and help in thrashing malicious files.
  •    Superior Speed: High performance managed WordPress servers are constructed especially with WordPress in mind, allowing your sites to run faster and more firmly than ever before.
  •    WordPress dedicated Support: 24/7 support to its end users is provided by this website.
  1.    iPage

iPage was formerly a web hosting supplier that offers the easy answer to those who desire website building, web development plus web host services. This company became nonactive for years. The new iPage currently is led by entirely new management and propose the whole thing you require to start a website. Essential Plan starts at just $1.99 per month.

Key Features of iPad

  •    Super speed: Provides Super speed and this will enhance security to higher levels. This hosting provides excellent service to its end users.
  •    Expert Opinion: A WordPress expert provides support to word press themes and different plugins.
  1.    bluehost

This is one of the best WP hosting websites that is liked by many companies. You can certainly host your website along with bandwidth and domain names. There is no limit to the number of domains, you want to host on this website. The standard plan starts at Rs.167per month. However, Business plan and Pro plan is at Rs 244 and Rs 300 per month respectively.

Key Features of bluehost

  •    Easy to Use: This hosting Platform is easy to use. Moreover, it provides correct and consistent backups. It also provides a variety of efficient functional tools for administration.
  •   24/7 customer support: Provides a very high-quality Customer Support. Have quality equipment and servers to support the web application.
  1.    inmotionhosting

Consistency, speed, and fee are primary factors of this website. It provides high accessibility to WP websites and provides the plan in most affordable price. For small blogs, there is Launch plan which starts at just $5.99 per month. Small and mid-sized businesses can opt for Power plan ranging from $7.99 per month. However, growing businesses and developers can choose Pro plan that starts at $13.99 per month.

Key Features of inmotionhosting

  •    High Performance: This service supports PHP 7, which makes WordPress sites 2-3x faster, as well as nearly all caching plug-in for even further sleek performance.
  •    Fanatics for WordPress: Available to assist customers 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. Take benefit of one of your most powerful tools of the web, the information of staff of WordPress hosting experts.
  1.    WPengine

It is one of the extremely sophisticated WP hosting sites that fulfill your hosting requirements. The customer support provided by this site is beyond expectation. The site offers different plans for different businesses. The personal plan starts at $29 per month and Professional plan ranges from $99 per month. A business plan is at $249 per month whereas Premium plan offers some more discounts.

Key Features of WPengine

  •    Scalable Architecture: WPengine is superior in terms of its scalability and reliability. The site provides a rich experience to your user, further increasing traffic to your website.
  •    Quick Support– The site is known for its quick response from customer support department. The end users can instantly initiate a chat in case of any critical issue. The 24/7 support with pleasing response makes this site unique in many ways.
  1.    GoDaddy

It is one of the best WP hosting sites that provide backups, WordPress software updates, and Automatic setup. You can eventually get Industry-leading performance with this website. The support provided by this site is excellent and the plan starts at Rs 99.00 per month.

Key Features of GoDaddy

  •    Inbuilt function accessibility: They have some of the most excellent web page searching functions available – if a web page you want to buy is no longer accessible, GoDaddy can put it on back order.
  •    Web page market:  They also offer a large web page market where the least, spiciest areas are up for appeals. Because they have developed so huge, you can also anticipate GoDaddy to be to some extent more over the counter oriented.
  1.    TMDHosting

TMDhosting has gained a universal acceptance in a small span, and it carries on remaining the most reliable website hosting provider until date. The fact that TMDHosting has its data center is a good thing and allow for better uptime. The frequencies of downtime happening are close to zero which equals server reliability.

Key Features of

  • Customer Support: Most TMDHosting reviews will make a positive experience for many users. It provides a total customer satisfaction along with reliability.
  • Free Domain:- Yes, you heard that right. TMDHosting offers free domain unless you are using their hosting service. So it means if you continue to use their hosting, you dont have to pay for domain renewal.
  • Cash back guarantee: TMDHosting also offers a 60-day cash back guarantee, which is 30 days more than the norm. A lot of users have seen the genuineness of TMDHosting by trying out their hosting without the fear of losing and investment.

Go through the complete indepth TMDHosting review here.

Conclusion: It is essential for businesses to choose significant WP hosting provider as failing at this will affect their business tremendously. Above list clearly gives an idea about best WP Hosting providers. Small and mid-sized companies having their site in WordPress can choose such WP hosting providers for better performance of their site. Experts in WordPress highly recommend above sites for WP hosting.

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