The Best Platforms For Building Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps, both in their use and development are now more accessible than ever. Programming used to be the preserve of those who had studied it formally at University or those who had a lot of spare time on their hands. Now, there are so many tools on the market which give the ability to those with little experience, a chance to build an app of their own. Better still, these tools remove the need for excessive amounts of start up capital and will quickly give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Here we’ll list the most popular ones and provide you with a rundown of their features.

The Best Platforms For Building Mobile Apps

  • io

Appery is a mobile app builder, based in the cloud, that will provide functionality for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. As the software is cloud based, there is nothing to be downloaded and installed on your computer, making it much easier to use from a mobile device like a tablet.

Appery features a great collaboration tool that allows you to share your ongoing projects with friends, clients and businesses, making obtaining feedback much easier. There are both free and paid plans (up to $180 USD per month) depending on your needs.

  • Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie offers a slightly more advanced feature set for those who are familiar with app creation. Supporting Android and iOS, Mobile Roadie gives you the ability to directly import code from other sources into its app builder. This will be useful if you have HTML code written elsewhere that you would like to implement within your app.

Its other great feature is the Mobile Roadie app which allows you to display your written code as a working app, giving you an idea of how it would look on a device to your users and customers. Plans start at $125 USD for the core package.

  • TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilder’s best feature is its built-in training program and content builder which provides ongoing assistance in the creation of your app, from start to finish.

The dedicated AppLibrary also allows direct publishing to the app store of your choice where once live, you’ll be able to make updates to your app instantly. The platform supports iOS for iPads and iPhones as well as Google Android devices. Pricing is available on request.

  • Good Barber

Good Barber has attempted to bring mobile app building to the masses with its straightforward and easy to use service. Due to the way it’s been designed, no coding is required as the software is able to produce an app with the simple dragging of on screen boxes. Hundreds of templates are provided giving you the ability to create something unique for the low cost of $16 USD per month.

If you would rather hand over your project to someone else, consider hiring a developer. There are many app developers in Sydney who will be able to assist you with your requirements. Pricing may be higher than the DIY solutions above but for that you will be receiving a finished product with ongoing support provided.

We would suggest having a go yourself first and using these tools to visualise your app. Once you’ve got a good idea on what you want, it might be worth handing over to the professionals.

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