The Immediate and Near Future Of Artificial Intelligence : 8 Predictions

Artificial intelligence or AI by many accounts is playing key role in digital revolution in our time.  Besides changing lives it is also scaring millions of people as they fear machines can overpower us as shown number of times in science fiction movies. AI enabled machines, apps and high-tech gadgets are already everywhere and they are continuously growing in expanse and prowess.

AI is in our phones and smartphone apps, often automating certain tasks and thus saving us from manual engagement. AIs show potential and opportunities that seem endless. Naturally, we can assume AI in the time to come will play crucial role in driving innovation.

All tech biggies of the globe are putting big bets on the AI as the next big thing. While Mark Zuckerberg endorsed a whopping $2 billion on VR headset Oculus Rift way back in 2014, his company Facebook has already an AI lab with 50 employees. Google made its big AI ambition clear by the acquisition of the AI company DeepMind last year. The global tech leader IBM has already put billions on the bet to make its Jeopardy question-answering supercomputer Watson a massive success. While the story concerning global interest and progress on AI will continue, here we have come up with 8 AI predictions for the near future.

The Immediate and Near Future Of Artificial Intelligence : 8 Predictions

1) Machine Learning will change Device Interaction

Machines around us are fast learning the way we interact and adjusting to our wants and needs. Over coming years, machines and gadgets will learn more from human interactions and adapt to our needs. In the coming years we can expect devices to offer further improvement in speech, voice, image, and video recognition.  Data streaming will be more adaptive and interactive and will be able to perform lot of tasks automatically without our intervention. Machines will increasingly learn utilizing data by coming with actionable analytics.

2) Personal Assistants having more sense of Context and Personality

Personal assistants for mobile and wearable devices like the Siri in Apple are already popular for the great ease of use they offer. In the years to come these services and apps will become more personalized and contextualized to our needs. Rather than addressing situation with specific set of modes, these assistants will behave more contextually addressing our situational needs. Even though so called AI interfaces seem to take some time before coming into mobile arena, erstwhile GUI interfaces can be transformed with AI elements in them. More intelligent contextually active visual interfaces will become more popular in mobility.

3) More Automation

Automation is everywhere and is fast replacing an array of manual roles from digital maneuvers. Autonomous systems are bound to become commonplace as regular digital tasks can be easily handled and completed by machines and apps saving time and energy for the individuals. Autonomous cars and drones are almost a reality now as they are just going through their final tests and commercial deals. Higher autonomous capability in vehicle mobile system is already there. The trend of automation will only grow in every industry and walks of life.

4) More Enterprise Adoption of AI

You can easily compare AI with what computing was decades before. Just like computers in a span of just 3 decades shaped our life with digital maneuvers before the baton taken over by mobile devices, AI will become commonplace technology in almost everything of enterprise IT. From the role of machine intelligence in decision making process to adaptable machines delivering crucial business insights, AI will shape the way enterprises have decision making mechanism. Though in no way, human intervention and role will be eliminated, but task completion will be faster and to a great extent autonomous thanks to AI.

5) Impacting Lives and Livelihood more than ever

The steps taken in core AI research is offering us new possibilities for solving more complex and scaled-up problems. On the other hand progress in AI research is helping in the acceleration of research in scientific domains. Thus AI in more than one way it going to impact lives positively and significantly.

While some pharmaceutical companies are using AI to discover drugs for targeted therapies, there are other healthcare facilities that are incorporating AI for disease prediction and treatment. All in all, AI in just few years can make the healthcare system more efficient and make an array of breakthrough discoveries possible.

6) Advanced AI-powered Learning Systems for Learners

AI will make a big impact in learning systems. As AI systems will be able to learn on their own irrespective of any supervision, they can be successfully incorporated in learning systems to evaluate the learning of the students. Typically for role playing scenarios in learning environment such AI systems can be utilized to replace human being.

7) AI-powered Predictive Health Technologies Increasing Lifespan

AI systems are already in use in many healthcare facilities. Though, they are still just kept under observation and are used for their autonomous roles, in the time to come they will be able to predict and solve specific healthcare problems. Learning from the patient history and all other patient and treatment data AI systems will be able to predict the upcoming health problem correctly. This kind of intelligent prediction of health condition will help increasing the lifespan of patients. AI systems in healthcare facilities will also be used to decipher human brain activity and corresponding intent, and enable augmentation to help patients win over physical challenges.

8) Internet will be More Intelligent

For some time the concept of intelligent internet is making the round among techies and people in general. While almost everyone has a vague understanding of it, we must say that it is nothing but the result of web incorporating AI into it. An internet that learns from the user behavior, patterns and other aspects, will obviously be an intelligent internet with AI at its core.

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