The Role Of Video Engagement In Digital Marketing

The last few years, in particular 2015 was a major period when it comes to advancements in the world of digital marketing. Hundreds of new innovations have been introduced in these few years to enhance the scope of the mobile marketing, engagement marketing, and social marketing strategies. Marketing automation platforms have increased in importance, and most of the successful business owners are now making use of real-time analytics for optimizing the methods that they use to engage every individual buyer. The traditional advertising methods have given way to customized content marketing and many companies are now making use of enterprise video solutions for an immersive experience for presenting quality content to their end users.

Nowadays video content is not only used for broadcast media and peer-to peer content sharing but also for company-to-customer business communications in case of B2B and B2C markets. Nearly 8-9 million videos are viewed from the FaceBook platform on a daily basis. Market researchers are also saying that using video solutions for business will increase to even staggering heights in about the next 4-5 years. Here are some of the advancements that can be expected in the sphere of video marketing in the coming years.

video engagement in digital marketing

Video as a Major Brand and Product Promotion Medium

There are plenty of business professionals who still think of video promotions as viral content that are published in YouTube and Facebook as well as homepage videos that communicate brand history to the prospective customers. However, many are now realizing the full potential of video marketing and how they can lead to great brand success over time. Videos that are developed for business can be used for educating consumers, build better and lasting relationships, increasing conversion rates and enhancing customer satisfaction. Whether it is personalized product demos, customer testimonials or creative campaign videos meant to resolve conflict areas, video can be used in innumerable ways to promote better business. Some of the video types that sees maximum popularity include customer testimonials, product demonstration videos, tutorial videos, project reviews, on-demand live webinars and video blogs.

Advanced Video Promotions in the B2B Market

Video marketing via an enterprise video platform is a strategy that is considered to be far more effective than any other traditional methods of marketing. This is so because it allows greater customer engagement than any other medium. A well-made video can create the much necessary emotional connection with prospective buyers and increase conversion rates. In the recent times, the trends in the B2B markets have shown that more companies are now choosing to make use of videos to communicate their messages to prospective clients. Many sales representatives also use their smartphones to create personal messages, greetings and demos for their clients that they send to their clients before or after a meeting. The usage of video libraries to present product and brand demos to clients has also become a popular practice in the recent times.

Interactive Videos for Better Customer Engagement

While making use of an interactive video for marketing purposes was something that was once considered quite difficult, in the recent times with the help of the latest video collaboration software tools more companies are being able to come up with interactive videos that would in turn help them to communicate with their clients and customers in a better way. Up until today, developing customized video experiences were difficult as it required specific media players that could have been used only in some limited numbers of sites. However, the latest video tools have enabled companies to create interactive videos that can be used for presenting surveys, integrated questionnaires and data collection forms that can help in generating leads, increasing conversions, and promoting greater customer engagement.

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