Top 10 iOS & Android App Marketing Tips For Business

Android and iOS are currently the biggest platforms embraced by the users for app download. Different research findings and stats say that Android is followed by iOS strongly in terms of the number of apps and worldwide popularity. In such a context, for an app, making a foothold on either of the platforms is not a cakewalk. An app needs to be marketed effectively and in an organized manner to register its success on Google Play store or iTunes.

App Marketing

Being an app marketer is always challenging- in a single category, similar mobile apps can be seen, which may lead the app users spoilt for choices. However, a well-marketed app can attract the users and win the battle even in this age of stiff competition. Reliable strategies for app marketing and well-planned tactics are not easy to be explored. Hence, we have come up with our all-out efforts in this blog to educate the app marketers about the most effective iOS and Android App Marketing tips.

1)  Get Acquainted with your Audience and their Origin

The best way to know your audience is to analyze your sources that drive the users to your app. The sources may include social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., your app landing page, and others. Now focus the most on the source that brings the highest LTV (Lifetime Value) clients for you. For example, if your Twitter page is influencing the users the most to use your app, then you should focus more on your Twitter activities. It will help you create a loyal client base for your app.

2) Analyze the right metrics

The metrics for an Android or iOS app include the following:

  • Number of your app users
  • Duration of app usage session by a user
  • How frequently a user uses your app
  • How much time a user spends on your app
  • Sources from where users download & install your app
  • Worthiness of each app user
  • Measuring the app user retention

Measuring the aforesaid metrics help an app marketer form the further app marketing strategies.

3) Keep Experimenting with your App

Regularly experimenting with your app is a perfect way to provide a refreshing experience to your app users. Being an app marketer, you should always try to grab the attention of the different target audience to boost the app download score. Content, on the other hand, allows you to experiment a lot. Try visualizing fresh content in terms of different formats and styles. Playing with CTAs (Call to Action Buttons) and emoticons can also do the trick for you. Perform A/B tests on different versions to locate the best suitable version for your app. But never forget to check if the new stuff is liked by the users or not.

4) Use Push Messaging

Sending push messages can undoubtedly play a vital role while marketing your app. But if you don’t strategize the push messaging well then it may backfire and tarnish your app’s reputation. Few fundamentals of push messaging to follow are:

  • They don’t like push messages popping on their screen in the morning
  • Follow the principle of “KISS” (Keep it short & simple)
  • Don’t disturb your app users on weekends
  • They don’t want you to ask anything
  • Figure out what’s in the trend
  • Language needs to be promotional
  • Don’t irritate users with broadcast message; they like targeted ones

Follow these simple rules and let your app reap the maximum benefits from push messaging campaigns.

5) Lure Users with Attractive Offers

Observe the preferences and behavior of your app users and please them with some extravagant offers. Once you strike the right chord, your app user base is sure to intensify to the large extent. Make sure the offers you are announcing are relevant to your app users’ behavior and preferences.

6) Use the Power of Call To Action

Guiding your users regarding their next action with a killer CTA is always going to put you in a win-win situation while marketing your app. Use attractive CTA asking the users to take an immediate action and see the difference.

7) In App Messaging has got the Potential

In-app messaging is a sure shot way to make your iOS or Android app marketing campaign successful. Such a practice is ideal to approach your app users to upgrade to the newer app version. Also, in-app messaging plays its part for notifying the users about any new feature of the app. Moreover, in-app messaging is the best method for announcing the exclusive offers for the users.

8) Emails still Engage the Users

Puzzled how to use email for your app! Emails not only work as the best conveyor of your app’s information, but you can also implement deep-linking to the download page of your app. Such an easy navigation to your app’s download page hardly lets any mail recipient escape without installing your app.

9) Know your Fan Following with NET PROMOTER SCORE

Use NET PROMOTER SCORE to know about the people who have fallen in love with your app. Just knowing your fan following is not enough. Be wiser and send them a request to review your app on any scale you decide. It will let you know about the app’s user experience more closely.

10) Risk Analysis

Determine the potential risk factors so that you can plan to combat the same well in advance. Analyzing the position of your competitors can also help you figure out the threats and challenges your app is vulnerable to. Also, it assists you in planning and executing an effective marketing campaign for your Android or iOS app.

Final Words

Be it an Android app marketer or iOS app marketer, the ideologies for marketing both the apps remain the same. The above-discussed fundamentals of app marketing are never going to disappoint you as an app marketer. You just need to be honest with your job and no hurdle can stop your app to be a hit among the users. Well, if you think I have missed sharing something important, kindly mention the same in the comment section below. It would be a great help.

Author Bio: Ritu Singh is a professional app store optimization strategist and e-commerce SEO service expert at BetterGraph- an ace 360-degree digital marketing agency. She has contributed to the modern SEO techniques with her innovative thinking and methodologies. In her leisure time, she focuses on writing blogs with fruitful information about recent SEO trends to keep the readers

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