Top 6 Free Tools For Testing UX Layouts

Every contemporary website or modern blog needs an out and out responsive design. Albeit, it does not need more effort but at the end outcome it should be worthwhile. Web designers and developers actually recommend testing ideas with various responsive design tools that are effective before the launch of a website. It is essential to see how your website looks at each stage of web design process. You can look for its usability issues at the same time on many different screens sizes, most of the smartphones and tablets and other forms of handy tools available.

Top 6 Free Tools For Testing UX Layouts

In addition, these types of free tools are developers’ top picks for responsive testing since the majority of them use super easy and quick to use. Best of all these not only support various device sizes but also you can get a good feeling and perfect outline for how your design layout should look from different smartphones and or desktops.

  • – With smart search as well as checking review features, this one of the great testing tool brings altogether an ideal solution to examine of test a responsive website on varied number of smart devices. This is a tool that not only supports all types of browsers but also provide real life preview of your website in individual device.
  • Am I Responsive –This is not like a general tool that helps you test your website responsive thing, but a tool that helps you know other important things, like which part is not working and what are the things you need to go through it make your website better for better visibility in search engines and user-experience.
  • Google Mobile Test – Google mobile testing tool is widely used free tool the majority of web tester use. It is a great tool for webmasters and good for mobile friendly test. Once you enter the URL, you will have full control over the responsive testing space.
  • Responsive Design Checker – If you are in need for a tool that shows you whether your website or blog is responsive, then responsive designer checker is one of the best tools. You can try this responsive checker tool to know especially for custom screen sizes.
  • XRESPOND – It is known as virtual device lab, one of the biggest and most advantageous one that pretty spot on. Using this tool, you can easily and quickly come to know how your website or blog is looking on different devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer. This tools is widely used for identify the responsive website and its display on various devices.
  • RESPONSINATOR – In lieu of utilizing the horizontal scrollbar this website lists help you find each device preview in a vertical column, which is one of the essential things to understand whether your website is a responsive or not. This way you can easily as well as quickly scroll down by way of each device and preview the website on each one. You can identify which devices are good to use your website, whether it is an iPhone, Android or Nexus devices. You will also find the device previews in portrait as well as landscape format.

Another most important feature is the switching between HTTS to HTTP or vice versa. This tool offers both, the preview websites and the URL you input.

The objective of every website is to create the best user-experience possible for its visitors, so that they can easily find whatsoever they are seeking for. To minimize the stress of losing the customers, you should take an approach up to mobile web design, which is also well known as responsive web design. A responsive website not only attracts more and more visitors, but also maintains the search engines eligibility criteria to get better rank in search engines.

With the help of responsive website design tools, you can check the things that are in need for responsive check and also other things that are directly or indirectly connected with your responsive website. You can also check whether your website is marketing the standard of Android, iPhone, iPads as well as tablets. Utilizing these types of web design tools are immense and can make your website easily available for everyone, whatsoever device they may use.

Author Bio:-  Sunny Chawla is a Web Developer, Editor and Contributor at AIS Technolabs – a Web-design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on responsive web design services, Mobile app development, Game design development.

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