Top 9 Reasons you should Choose a Career in Website Development

World Wide Web has completed its 30 years and Website Developers must be given the most of the credit for it. Because, these are the programmers who are engaged in creating WWW, HTTP, CSS, HTML applications. Such applications run from a web server to web browsers. The Internet world has flourished into a sea of millions of websites, and the website developers are a must to create it!

Reasons to Choose a Career in Website Development

No doubt there are way different and money making job possibilities in the digital world, but the work of Website Development is evergreen…So you can pat yourself on the shoulders if you are a Website developer. And if you are preparing to be one, then you must be keen to know the reasons behind Website development being the prime choice for every job seeker. Here I’ll let you know the topmost reasons website development is the best career choice for every beginner-to-expert professional!

Here the Countdown begins!

#1 Exposed to Creativity –

So the task of website creation ain’t gonna be easy like a baby’s game. Web Developers go through a lot in a day. You can get its proof by asking them about it. Just say a developer to describe her/his work, and I swear you will get to know about so many things at a time. Web developers have a constant pressure of developing a brand new, and unique website everyday. And hence this field is for creative lovers. All your imagination, to see everything on the website can be completed by yourself!

#2 Payment Hike –

Be in no doubt, a good web developer is one of the triplet gems of a digital marketing company. And this field itself poses attractive salary packages and hikes. Being a developer even at the beginner stage, you can expect a good payment. And once you have got experience, there’s no wayback. Statistics indicate that an expert Web Developer earns more than the average salary of its contemporaries in other industries. And if you know the programming in more than one language, then it’s an again a bonus!

#3 Work Anywhere –

Yes, its a matter of fact that usually, the better option for Web Developers is to be a part of the organization. But No! you don’t need to stick to a single phase of work only. I mean, you can work as a Freelancer too, and gain lots of money and recognition. Being a freelancer, you can enjoy more freedom of creativity and higher wages. There’s a high demand for freelance talents out there and you can also freely choose among the different projects as per your convenience.

#4 It’s Future Proof –

By saying this, I am indicating towards career security. Web development is an evergreen field, and there is going to only increase in the demand for Website Pros. Hence your job or business of Website Development will see lots of new customers if you know the right trick and could give the best shot to sell your work. Once you have gained expertise, then lots of work will be coming to you and you gotta have a great chance to buildup your own name and recognition.

#5 Way to Explore –

The nature of Web Development allows its professionals to work for every kind of organizations including Governmental & private corporations, small, intermediate or startup companies and even as a freelancer. Also, when it comes to professionalism, a website developer can jump to other sectors of work. Like, a Web Developer can easily start off with mobile application development, to create a platform accessible for smartphone users. Similarly, you can switch your work’s train to other specific stations too like that of Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Graphics & Web Designer.

#6 Create Customers Abroad –

Nowadays there is a flood of startup digital marketing companies who are creating and selling their work to foreign customers and making profits in their bank balance. Website development has high demands for all the big, developed countries and the need for Web specialists is a must every now and then. Hence, you have a huge chance to make customers abroad from all zones. You just need to have that perfect, money-making technique, and an idea of creating online customers.

#7 Name & Fame –

Well, it’s true that it works more for the Freelancers and independent Web developers, but the Pros belonging to a certain organization as employees aren’t any exception. Your work as a Web Developer will not only be appreciated, but people will also know you through it. Creating user-friendly websites will give you full-on personal and professional recognition, money, and a good number of upcoming projects too!

#8 Become a Specialist –

Web developers can become professional specialists by working further in this field. The job of Web developing gives you a chance to connect with everyone worldwide. There are billions of smartphones, notes, PCs, and tablets worldwide. And preparing the fast-working, and convenient websites for all them is a work that’s wanted everytime. Creation of websites for all these different modes is a task requiring web expertise.

#9 Gaining World-Class Potential –

It doesn’t matter you are working for a local company or any international brand. Even the smallest of websites are the trademark of its brands, so you can’t neglect the importance of them. With the job of Web Developer, you can gain a world-class potential and become the most talented web professionals in a very less time.

So these were the prime reasons for being a Web Developer and choosing it as a career path. Now let’s get to statistical view of it…

Web development is the fastest growing Job occupation –

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Developer jobs will grow at a rate of 13% over the ten years measured from 2016 to 2026. This growth rate is faster than most of the other job occupations. Hence being a web developer will only land you in better job scope. And this will even work better for the IT-friendly states around the world.

The best Salary Growth rate –

By 2020, the salary growth rate of the Web Developers will be reached by 5%, making it the fastest growing salary growth jobs. The wages itself of an expert web developer is more than the average standard salaries of IT professionals belonging to other occupations. So there ain’t gonna be any shortage of money with you being a skilled web developer.

It takes anywhere between $500 to $5000 to design any website –

The job of web developer ain’t an easy one, and depending upon the website’s requirement, the number of working hours may increase/decrease. Hence according to the most standard rates, it can cost anywhere between $500 to $5000 to create a complete website. However, it is to note that the amount of website creation can vary according to the brands, client’s requirement, nature of website etc…

Undoubtedly, the Web Development field can be the door to ultimate success for you. If you have got the idea and skill, then Web development can do miracles for your business. One of the things to keep in mind is, the best of professionals are going to survive in the long run, as there are lots of shit on the web platform. So as a beginner, or a Web expert, your prime focus should be on creating a useful website rather than useless showcase!

Thanks for reading the article, hope you’ve got some useful information from it!

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Nikunj Jagad is a founder of Direct Leadz, a web design, mobile app development, and digital marketing firm. At Direct Leadz, he overlooks management and often lends a hand to the website development team.

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