Top HTML5 Mobile Applications and Web Development Frameworks

In this digital era, the popularity of mobile application is increasing at a great pace. We have seen that more and more people using a smartphone to run websites or to run web applications for doing their daily tasks.

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For making the developers life easy HTML5 gives you a solution also allows binding different web devices with a consolidated look and feel to HTML5 enabled apps. The applications will run on different platforms such as on Android, IOS etc.

Here is the list of Useful Frameworks that are very popular in the market due to the ease of use, user-friendliness, accessibility, and availability.

  • Ionic: It is an open-source Front-end software development kit. It is built on top of Angular.js and Apache Cordova. It provides the tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps using the technologies of web-like CSS, HTML5 tec. It is free to use and easy to access. It is a drag and drop interface building tool.

Like other frameworks, Ionic makes use of Cordova to go native for IOS, Windows, Android and other platforms.

  • Mobile Angular UI: This is also an open-source framework that is used to build HTML5 mobile apps with bootstrap and Angular JS. This is the best framework for the fans of Bootstrap and Angular. With this framework, you’ll get the best of both Bootstrap 3 and Angular framework to build HTML5 mobile applications.

For a better and smooth mobile experience, this framework comes with fastclick.js and also overthrow.js.

  • Onsen UI: It is mostly used Framework and adopted more as over ionic. It is an open source framework under Apache license. It comes with Agnostic UI components. You can choose it for a better result.

It has many different features that allow users to make apps in HTML5 and JavaScript and push through Phone gap and Cordova for building the app.

4) Kendo UI: It is used for making cross-platform web and mobile applications. It is used jQuery and comes with ready to use widgets. The most advanced feature of Kendo Framework is that you can integrate it with Angular or Bootstrap UI framework too.

5) Sencha Touch:  It gives us a platform for building cross-platform end-to-end web applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. If you are looking forward to making mobile apps with visual interactions, then, Sencha Touch Framework is an optimal choice. It provides so many features like UI widgets, Adaptive layouts, user interactions for different platforms.  The coding standards are strict but familiar for those who are well-acquainted with other development packages.

These all Frameworks are very easy to use and best for the web developers and freelancers. There are many other frameworks like Appcelerator Titanium, Intel XDK, Xamarin etc. which are best.

Candidates who are interesting in making their career in web development or Application development can easily go in these fields. Web designing software’s and frameworks are helpful for the developers and made their life easy. Every day there are a number of web developments, Application development, web designing jobs opportunities are offered by different IT companies for the web or App Developers.


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