Top Reasons Why Mobile Learning Is Revolutionising Corporate Training

Mobile e-learning is an idea whose time has come. According to reports, mobile learning market was in 2014, worth $8.4 billion. It has a five year growth rate of over 11% and revenues are expected to touch $14.5 billion in 2019.

Top Reasons Why Mobile Learning Is Revolutionising Corporate Training

Why is mobile learning an e-learning format loved by corporate trainers to train workforce? Here are a few reasons:

  • Mobile learning is convenient: No longer does an employee have to use heavy desktops and lap tops to access training. With mobile e- learning solutions, training happens anywhere, any time. Learning can happen in hours which are regarded as dead: when commuting to work, waiting for a client or travelling to the airport. Mobil learning is truly a blessing to an employee who is starving for time because he can access training anywhere, any time on his favourite device.
  • Increased motivation for training: Most employees dislike training. The reason is that they have to take time off from their busy schedules for the same. But mobile learning is very flexible and convenient and increases employee interest and motivation towards training.
  • Involves all e-learning styles: Mobile learning is inclusive of a variety of learning styles. A training module can be developed that incorporates reading, video lectures, podcasts, internet research and social collaboration. This is how employees can be engaged and motivated towards training. Engaged employees contribute to work productivity.
  • Superlative J.I.T. support: Training which does not encourage performance is worthless. Mobile learning goes a long way in enhancing productivity as it provides J.I.T. (Just In Time) support. Mobile devices deliver bite –sized learning modules, which are ready reference for e-learners. For instance, an insurance company salesman can access simple modules on his mobile device regarding the latest insurance policy offered by his company.
  • Ideal for new generation staff: According to studies, Generation-Y employees make 25% of current work force. By 2020, the figure will touch 40%. Mobile learning is the favourite learning format of this group. This is because this group is very tech-savvy and adept at use of tablets and smart phones.
  • Learning is simple and effective: Not only is access to training easy, but course content is simple and easy to understand. Concepts are broken down into bite-sized chunks, which can be easily assimilated by learners.
  • Opportunities for social networking: Mobile learning consists of employees learning remotely but they are only a click away from social collaboration. When employees are accessing training in their mobile phones and tablets, they also have social networking tools handy. This encourages social networking and enhanced learning when people get started to discuss learning material.
  • Keeps pace with trends in technology: Experts have predicted that by 2020, mobile will be the most popular way of accessing the net. It is good business sense to begin shift from desktop computing to e-learning via multiple devices. HTML 5 is one such technology solution which enables e-learning to be accessed on multiple devices. This new technology can save you money and time.
  • Reduce carbon footprint: e-learning is environment friendly as it reduces the need for paper and hence reduces the felling of trees.

The use of mobile learning is burgeoning by leaps and bounds. This format for corporate training is highly effective and flexible.

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