Vinyl Skins For Serious Gamers Only

If you’ve been procrastinating over getting a protective covering for your Xbox One, it’s high time that you reconsider your life choices. Team Xbox had a huge showing at E3, suggesting that the year ahead is going to be one of the best one yet. You need to make sure your system is ready to log some serious gaming. To make sure your console and its controllers are able to keep up with 2016’s lineup of games, be sure to invest in quality vinyl skins.

Vinyl Skins For Serious Gamers Only

Suspicious of how well vinyl can defend your system? It’s a reasonable concern. You, just like every other Xbox owner, is protective of their device – and rightly so! After all, your Xbox One is an important part of your life, and you don’t want to unintentionally damage it by adding sub-par protection. There are plenty of people who assume the only way to apply a skin is with sticky and sometime permanent glues. Nobody wants to be stuck with a look they can’t change, nor do they want to contend with gooey residue they can’t remove.

If you’re having flashbacks to a troubled time in the 90s when you thought decking out your SNES with stickers was a good idea, take a deep breath. Sticking a cheap decal on a valuable gaming system is next to sacrilege. Luckily you don’t have to blaspheme in order to protect your console because the best Xbox One skins online are made with genuine 3M vinyl, which defeats the need for glues. They cling effortlessly and can be removed and reapplied just as easily.

But clean application isn’t the only advantage to choosing Xbox One skins made out of 3M vinyl. It’s a strong and durable material that stands up to the damages that can happen during daily wear and tear. Think nothing of eating while you play or crushing the controller between sweaty hands during a particularly trying campaign. The vinyl prevents grime and other gunk from collecting around the toggles and buttons, and it saves the entire system from scratches, scuffs, or other bumps that might happen during a rough level.

When they’re wrapped around the delicate toggles, it’s important to keep fit in mind. You can’t expect to play your best game if you’re dealing with pieces of vinyl that don’t quite match up with the controller. Your PS4 skin must fit every intricate nook and cranny without leaving any extra pieces flapping. Stick to skins that offer a form-hugging fit down to the micro-millimeter and material so thin that it can cover your Kinect without interfering with the wireless connection.

Once you see for yourself the advantages of a skin, you’ll wonder why you didn’t add one sooner. With the grime-resistant, enhanced grip they offer – and the overall protection it provides – you’ll be in fine form to explore each of the new releases Team Xbox revealed in the latest E3.

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