What Is Web Site Design and Development Process?

More like putting together a building plan for a large construction work for a residential building apartment or estate, building a sound and distinctive website will cost you a lot of things at the initial stage; ranging from money, to thinking, to outlining etc. I know a lot of people out there hardly comprehend this; especially a few of us who have just paid their website development company to handle the whole grunt job. Even so; you’d still be required to contribute a little – since you’re the final recipient of the project.

What Is Web Site Design and Development Process?

Now let’s see website design and development as laying down stones and blocks for construction of a new building. What does it entail, a block, stone, and cement alone? What about the job of the surveyor and ‘build planner’? Website design and development process  is the sequence of procedures that a website developer and designer has to follow in order to come up with an engaging and marketable website.

In the real world of website design and development, the whole processes normally starts with the client or owner of the website. He or She should be willing to disclose the principal purpose of the website and so on, here is a short narration on these several processes.

Information Gathering.

Information gathering process entails but only a few requirements. It is the most important aspect to be considered at the preliminary stages and hence, it requires a lot of care and insight. Some of the things to be considered at the stage includes:

  • Purpose: Of course, there is a purpose for which you intend to build a website. Here, you’ll have to draw upon that, consider the products you’d want to sell or services that you’d be offering on the platform.
  • Goals: What’s your target? Do you hope to reach or cover up more than a thousand customers in the first week of launch out? Etc. pen down ideas like this at this stage.
  • Target Audience: Who are they, which category of people are your products or services going to focus on? You should also draw upon that as it will help the forthcoming stages into perfection.
  • Content Strategy: If you have no content strategy, I wonder what would be on the site, also; how you’d want to persuade your customers into buying from you rather than your competitors.


The planning stage is always very fragile but certainly the backbone of the whole project. Once it is able to stand, the rest of the stages will certainly give a ‘standing ovation’ to make the project a success.

Planning also entails the topics and subjects you’d be covering on the website/portal. Endeavor to screen out unrelated topics from your mind or list from the beginning, this will help your website to have a common goal, making it easier for clients and web visitors to make use of the site.


Design beautifies the website and makes it look eye catchy, alluring to your sight. In this stages, the use of images, and other multimedia elements are drawn upon asides the use of design languages like CSS, and Javascript.

Conclusively, web development programming languages are used to synchronize services and functions before the final testing of the website.  

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