What To Study For NEET 2017

For a huge number of students who aspire to pursue medicine as their profession have to appear for NEET exams. National Eligibilty Entrance Test, popularly known as NEET is the most prominent medical entrance exam which is conducted by the CBSE board. Previously NEET was called as AIPMT and was not the only exam for admission in medical colleges. However, due to a huge divide among states and lack of accountabilty in the system, the Hon’ble Supreme Court made it mandatory for all states to discontinue any separate entrance exams and start conducting NEET.

A large number of students who are very passionate about pursuing this are some how unable to score well and the primary reason for that they were either not properly guided or even after proper guidance they didn’t implement it properly. Hence, here we are going to tell you how to study for NEET.

What To Study For NEET 2017Identify

Identify the college you want to get into. Be optimistic and realistic when you’re setting goals. Keep a good amount of back up colleges so that towards the end if you’re not confident about your target college, you don’t get disheartened and end up under performing in your paper.


Plan out your time and the efforts you put in. Time and efforts are the only two valuable resources you have and wasting either of these two things is the most foolish thing to do. Don’t work hard, work smart and smartness starts from planning things within time. You don’t necessarily have to make a time table but you need to set weekly, or daily or monthly goals


Don’t just pick up the book and start preparing for any chapter. Select your chapters wisely. Use this list to select chapters depending on their weightage. Cover the chapters with highest weightage and do it perfectly.


One’s you have set up smaller goals ensure you complete that and have zero compromise on that. Amazing planning and failed execution is still a failure. The only difference between you and the first ranker is planning and execution

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